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Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Research

Castle Craig employs some of the leading authorities on the subject of alcohol and addiction.  In addition to following the latest developments and research in our sector, we attend and present at conferences and commission our own research.  Because of our high reputation,  staff opinions and contributions are often sought out by the media. Conferences Castle Craig staff members regularly attend conferences both within the UK and abroad. We travel all around the world to hear and contribute to the latest developments in addiction theory and treatment practice.  This ensures we remain an authority on addiction treatment, and allows our…

Research on Addiction Treatment

Castle Craig rehab clinic is a leading authority on addiction. We have produced outcome studies over the years, which have shown consistently good results….

A Review of the “Anonymous” Self Help Groups and their Utilisation in Professional Settings

Presented at the ICAA International Conference in Trieste 1992 (revised 2007) By Peter J McCann Over the last 50 years, there has been an enormous increase in the number and variety of self-help groups, fellowships and organisations which play a very large part in today’s caring society. Many talks about the self-help movement and some describe us as “moving towards a self-help society (Bradford 1975)”. It does not, however, require experts and professionals to tell us that people who have a similar problem can give each other help and support. This has been going on since time immemorial. But it…