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Peter and Dr McCann, founders of Castle Craig

Half a lifetime helping addiction recovery – Peter McCann celebrates 80th birthday

Almost 40 years ago, Peter McCann and his wife, Dr Margaret Ann McCann, began helping people with drug and alcohol addiction into a life of recovery.  This eventually led to the founding of Castle Craig Hospital in 1988. As he celebrates his 80th birthday having spent half of his lifetime helping people overcome addiction, we asked Peter to look back on his own life, and the changing face of addiction treatment. A genuine understanding of addiction Peter’s passion for helping people overcome addiction came from his own experience, along with coming from a family with a medical background. “It was…

Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Research

Castle Craig employs some of the leading authorities on the subject of alcohol and addiction.  In addition to following the latest developments and research in our sector, we attend and present at conferences and commission our own research…

Our Ethos

From its founding over 25 years ago it was envisaged that Castle Craig would become a place of hope and healing for those suffering from addictive disease and for their families…

Research on Addiction Treatment

Castle Craig rehab clinic is a leading authority on addiction. We have produced outcome studies over the years, which have shown consistently good results….

Addiction Treatment Success Rates

There is a strong evidence base to support the treatment methods used at Castle Craig, as well as in support of residential rehabilitation treatment for drug and alcohol addictions…

Evaluation of Patient Outcomes 2015

Outcomes evaluation for 116 drug and 107 alcohol-dependent patients from the Netherlands entering Castle Craig Hospital between 17th July 2011 to 13th December 2012 and staying in treatment for more than 1 day…

Extended Care Unit Follow Up Study 2000

This is the Follow Up Study in 2000 of Castle Craig’s Extended Care Unit, which provides treatment for people with drug and alcohol addictions. Read more….

Castle Craig Privacy Policy

Castle Craig Hospital is a leading rehab centre for the treatment of alcohol & drug addiction, gambling & other addictions. Read our privacy policy here….

Treatment Outcomes at Castle Craig

At Castle Craig we strive to provide the highest standard of residential treatment for addictions. Results show that our treatment is effective. Read more….

Addictions Psychiatry in Practice

Research on alcohol misuse and treatment published in 1997 by Dr. Margaret McCann, Medical Director of Castle Craig centre for treatment of dependencies….