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The Coronavirus Pandemic and Alcohol Consumption

The recent pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. The consumption of alcohol is one example. For long periods, going to the pub was impossible. At the same time, home drinking increased as people became more isolated and sometimes depressed. Two recent studies in the UK appear to indicate a change in long-term drinking habits and a rise in likely alcohol-related illnesses and deaths. Further strain on the health and social services is to be expected as a result. A government response is needed urgently. The Pandemic Caused Alcohol Consumption to Spike Covid 19 has a…

Understanding the severity of your addiction / How bad am I?

The Financial Consequences of Addiction

Among the many negative consequences of addiction, financial cost is unavoidable. A lucky few may be able to carry their losses and keep functioning but for many, the pain of it all will surely become intense, unless they stop their addictive habit. This pain may eventually become a catalyst for change, but it will usually come too late to stave off financial crisis. Denial of reality and trying to ‘buy one’s way out of trouble’ will have prolonged the misery too far for most people to repair. The good news is that, with the benefit of sobriety, many recovering people…

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Do I Have an Addictive Personality?

Certain attitudes and behaviours are commonly found in people suffering from addiction of all kinds. Together, they are sometimes described as an ‘addictive personality.’ This is not an officially recognised term and people showing these traits are not necessarily going to be addicted. It may however be useful to check if you display any such characteristics, so as to be aware of the danger. What Is an Addictive Personality? An addictive personality is not a clinical term but a description that is used for a person whose personality displays certain recognisable features commonly found in addicted people. These features appear…

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How Long Does Weed (Cannabis) Stay in Your System?

Commonly known as cannabis, weed, dope, grass or pot, marijuana is a popular recreational drug known for its ability to induce calmness and euphoria. In the UK, marijuana is categorised as a Class B drug, making it illegal to produce, sell or use recreationally. For this reason, cannabis drug tests are commonplace in a variety of settings including the workplace, the criminal justice system and sports. It’s no surprise then that “How long does weed stay in your system?” is one of the most searched terms about marijuana on the internet. This article provides a detailed answer. We take a…

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How Can I Convince My Friend or Relative to Get Help for Addiction?

When a loved one displays symptoms of addictive behaviour that they’re perhaps trying to hide, concerned people are often unsure how to respond or what to say. Before addressing the problem directly, it’s important to understand the nature of addiction and the resources available.  I am here for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addiction Addiction and its Problems They say love hurts, and so does addiction. The two combined, generate a great deal of pain. When a loved one is so deeply in denial that they won’t face facts, the pain becomes prolonged and destructive. It can be an intensely…

Drinking high levels of alcohol on a long-term basis can have harmful effects on the brain.

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

Functioning alcoholics may ask: ‘how can I have a drink problem when there are no consequences in my life?’ In reality, there are always negative consequences of alcoholic drinking, although these may sometimes go undetected for as long as the drinking itself. Functioning alcoholics are not fully functioning people. They are men and women with a significant drink problem who manage to keep doing most of the essential things in life that normal people do – and even follow a daily schedule – but only just. I am here for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addiction Being a functioning alcoholic…

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Do I Have an Internet Addiction?

Surfing or drowning? It is not the internet itself but the many processes it supports that lead us into addiction. The negative consequences of most forms of compulsive behaviour found on the internet are serious, and many of us are at risk. Ask yourself – do I have an internet addiction? If your response is to ask Google ‘what is internet addiction?’ then perhaps you should read this article carefully. How many hours do you really spend online? Are you surfing the internet or drowning? We may not yet need the internet to directly support life itself but, in the…

Getting sober fast

21 ways to get clean faster and stay sober for longer

What does being sober mean? To most people, being sober means not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, right there and then. They may drink and consume drugs tomorrow or next week. However, to non-problem drinkers being sober does not mean they would ‘never’ drink again. ‘Sober’ refers to a life based on sobriety for people with addiction problems. > Jump to 21 ways to get clean and sober. Sustained sobriety means complete abstinence from alcohol and drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. AA and NA speak about remaining sober ‘just for today’, but in reality, an alcoholic…

Understanding the severity of your addiction / How bad am I?

How does alcohol affect autistic people?

Alcohol and Autistic Spectrum Disorder Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects how the brain works. Autism affects the way people experience and interact with the world around them. Just like anyone else, autistic people can become addicted to alcohol and drugs. Addiction is a challenging disease and can lead to a range of problems for autistic people.  By better understanding autism, we can better support autistic people with addiction. What is autism? You might have heard autism referred to as Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD. This is because autism affects people in a spectrum of different ways.  People on…

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a medical condition that occurs when babies are exposed to alcohol in the womb.

What is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a medical condition that occurs when babies are exposed to alcohol in the womb. It is part of a larger group of medical disorders called Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs). Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the more serious FASDs. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause significant physical symptoms, learning difficulties, and behavioural problems. Studies from the USA and Europe suggest that between 1-10% of children have Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Researchers are calling for further research to establish how common FAS is in the UK. They believe that Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is more common than studies…

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The relationship between alcoholism and suicide

Suicide and Alcoholism Suicide is a massive problem globally. Did you know that someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds? There are many factors that play a role in suicide risk, alcoholism being one of them. Doctors have known since the 1960’s that alcoholism and suicide are linked.1 People with alcohol use disorders are more likely to think about suicide, attempt suicide and complete suicide.2 Alcoholism is a disease, and people suffering from it need support. With the right help, we can prevent the tragic consequence of alcohol-related suicide.  Are You Ready to quit for good? Call 01721 722 763….

Fertility is a complicated aspect of your biology, and it’s impacted by a variety of factors: your genes, your lifestyle, and possibly, whether or not you use cannabis.

Can too Much Cannabis Lead to Infertility?

Cannabis and fertility in men and women Fertility is a complicated aspect of your biology, and it’s impacted by a variety of factors: your genes, your lifestyle, and possibly, whether or not you use cannabis. While more research needs to be done, a startling number of studies point to several ways in which using marijuana may hinder your ability to conceive. If you use cannabis and are concerned about your ability to become pregnant or get someone pregnant, keep reading to learn how this drug affects both men and women when it comes to fertility and what you can do…

Around 1000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed every day in the UK.1 Cancer is a devastating disease, and it’s important we understand what lifestyle choices put us at risk.

Does alcoholism increase your risk of cancer?

Can drinking too much cause cancer? Around 1000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed every day in the UK.1 Cancer is a devastating disease, and it’s important we understand what lifestyle choices put us at risk.  One of the biggest cancer risk factors that we can change is our alcohol consumption. Did you know that alcohol causes 4% of all cancers?2  That means that 1 out of 25 cancer cases could have been prevented by a reduction in alcohol consumption.  Is alcohol a risk factor for cancer? Yes. Alcohol is classified as a type 1 carcinogen. This means that there…

Understanding the severity of your addiction / How bad am I?

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction: Everything You Need to Know Bipolar Disorder is a mental health condition that affects between 1-5% of people.1 It causes episodes of extreme mood with symptoms that really impact people’s quality of life. People with Bipolar Disorder are more likely to have a Substance Use Disorder than others.2 Having both Bipolar Disorder and addiction can be challenging, for the person and their friends and family. Their treatment can be more complicated. That’s why it’s important that people with Bipolar Disorder and addiction get the right care. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with Bipolar…

Drinking high levels of alcohol on a long-term basis can have harmful effects on the brain.

Alcohol, Dementia & Brain Damage

How alcohol impacts the brain Drinking high levels of alcohol on a long-term basis can have harmful effects on the brain. People who drink heavily are more likely to develop alcohol-related brain damage such as alcoholic dementia. Research studies vary but some have found estimate that 35% of heavy drinkers have alcohol-related brain damage.1 How does alcohol affect the brain? There are several ways in which alcohol abuse can affect the brain: 1. Regular heavy alcohol intake causes thiamine deficiency Thiamine plays a crucial role in keeping our brain cells working normally.  Thiamine deficiency can lead to serious brain disorders.2…

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Is it Safe to Mix Sleeping Tablets and Alcohol?

The Dangers of Mixing Sleeping Pills & Alcohol It is never safe to mix sleeping tablets and alcohol, as both are powerful drugs that are potentially lethal if abused. Together, they become a lot more dangerous, and there are better ways of improving sleeping habits. Jump to: Sleeping tablet risks | Overdose | Getting help for dual addiction Types of sleeping aids currently in use The most typical types of sleeping aids currently prescribed in Europe, including the UK, are: Benzodiazepines, such as Temazepam, which are essentially tranquillisers Z drugs, such as Zopiclone, which are not benzodiazepines but very similar…

A health care provider may give you a prescription opioid to reduce pain after you have had a major injury or surgery.

Does Alcoholism Cause Rhinophyma?

What Is An “Alcoholic Nose” Or Rhinophyma? In the past, Rhinophyma, characterised by a large, red, unsightly nose, was put down to alcohol abuse. Pejorative descriptions such as ‘Drinker’s nose’ have been commonly used. However, there is no direct causal link that has been established between Rhinophyma and alcoholism, and people who never drink can get Rosacea, often a precursor to Rhinophyma. But, research shows that alcohol can increase the risk of getting Rosacea and trigger the progression from Rosacea to Rhinophyma. Jump to: Dangers | Causes | Symptoms | Effects Quick alcohol rehab links What is rehab like? How…

Opioids, sometimes called narcotics, are a type of drug that include strong prescription pain relievers.

Is Alcohol Giving Me Insomnia?

The Link Between Alcohol and Insomnia Many people see alcohol consumption as a promoter of drowsiness. However, the opposite may be true. The build-up of tolerance and its effect on brain chemistry can disturb sleep patterns within a relatively short time. Regular heavy alcohol use is likely to disrupt sleep patterns seriously. Alcohol is a sedative that many people consume in the evening to help them unwind and ultimately sleep. This may initially work for them, but tolerance is established in a relatively short time, which requires increasing amounts of alcohol to obtain the same drowsiness. Jump to: Factors affecting…

break the cycle of addiction

Borderline Personality Disorder & Addiction

Addiction and BPD Borderline personality disorder (BPD) and addiction have much in common. Their side effects and causes are similar. Having both BPD and a substance use disorder can be challenging and seeking help can be even harder. Fortunately, treatment for addiction with BPD as a dual diagnosis is available. At Castle Craig, our experienced team is here to help.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions What is Borderline Personality Disorder? Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a common mental health condition. It is a type of emotionally unstable personality disorder [1] that can have a significant impact on someone’s personal…

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis is an irreversible form of liver disease that occurs in 15 to 30% of heavy drinkers. This condition can occur due to a variety of causes, including obesity, fatty liver disease, and hepatitis. However, alcohol is the most common cause of chronic liver disease (including cirrhosis) in the UK. What is Cirrhosis? | Causes | FAQs | Treatment Cirrhosis can be difficult to detect, as many people don’t show symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Often, someone won’t know they have cirrhosis until the condition has become quite serious. While scarring from cirrhosis is permanent, for many…

Most people are familiar with cirrhosis of the liver, but many are unaware of the risks of developing ascites as a direct result of liver scarring.

Ascites: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Developing ascites is a direct result of liver scarring Most people have heard of cirrhosis of the liver, but many are unaware that ascites (a-sigh-tees) can develop as a result of liver scarring in cirrhosis. Although Castle Craig is not a specialised centre for treating cirrhosis and its complications, we can help get the person on the road to an alcohol-free life which gives the best chance of recovery for someone with alcohol-related liver disease. Over 7 in 10 cases of ascites is caused by cirrhosis. Ascites can present serious complications in people suffering from liver cirrhosis and often indicates end-stage…

As a leading drug addiction treatment facility, we combine inpatient drug treatments with traditional peer support programmes like NA.

Don’t say ‘Junkie’

Don’t say ‘Junkie’ – removing the stigma of addiction The Scottish Government has launched a national campaign calling for drug and alcohol problems to be treated as a health condition and urging people to stop using words such as “alcoholic” and “junkie”.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions  Public Health Minister Maree Todd said: “We want to make it easy for people to ask for help. We know that passing judgment on people who are looking for help and support can harm their recovery. When people are seeking help with alcohol and drugs, kindness and compassion saves lives.” Why has…

Alcoholic pancreatitis is a dangerous condition that develops when alcohol damages the pancreas.

Alcohol and Pancreatitis

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Alcoholic pancreatitis is a dangerous condition that develops when alcohol damages the pancreas. If not recognised and treated appropriately, alcoholic pancreatitis can have serious consequences. What is the pancreas and why is it important? The pancreas is a small but important organ found in the upper part of the abdomen. It is connected to the small intestine via a tube known as the pancreatic duct. The pancreas contains two types of glands, which both have very important roles. Exocrine glands These glands produce important enzymes. During digestion, the pancreas releases the enzymes into the small intestine….