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How Long Does Weed (Cannabis) Stay in Your System?

Commonly known as cannabis, weed, dope, grass or pot, marijuana is a popular recreational drug known for its ability to induce calmness and euphoria. In the UK, marijuana is categorised as a Class B drug, making it illegal to produce, sell or use recreationally. For this reason, cannabis drug tests are commonplace in a variety of settings including the workplace, the criminal justice system and sports. It’s no surprise then that “How long does weed stay in your system?” is one of the most searched terms about marijuana on the internet. This article provides a detailed answer. We take a…

Fertility is a complicated aspect of your biology, and it’s impacted by a variety of factors: your genes, your lifestyle, and possibly, whether or not you use cannabis.

Can too Much Cannabis Lead to Infertility?

Cannabis and fertility in men and women Fertility is a complicated aspect of your biology, and it’s impacted by a variety of factors: your genes, your lifestyle, and possibly, whether or not you use cannabis. While more research needs to be done, a startling number of studies point to several ways in which using marijuana may hinder your ability to conceive. If you use cannabis and are concerned about your ability to become pregnant or get someone pregnant, keep reading to learn how this drug affects both men and women when it comes to fertility and what you can do…

As a leading drug addiction treatment facility, we combine inpatient drug treatments with traditional peer support programmes like NA.

Don’t say ‘Junkie’

Don’t say ‘Junkie’ – removing the stigma of addiction The Scottish Government has launched a national campaign calling for drug and alcohol problems to be treated as a health condition and urging people to stop using words such as “alcoholic” and “junkie”.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions  Public Health Minister Maree Todd said: “We want to make it easy for people to ask for help. We know that passing judgment on people who are looking for help and support can harm their recovery. When people are seeking help with alcohol and drugs, kindness and compassion saves lives.” Why has…

Cannabis addiction

Are Weed Hangovers Real? Expert Reveals All

It’s a common belief that, unlike alcohol, weed is hangover-free This derives from the belief that alcohol can be a more harmful intoxicant than weed (also known as cannabis or marijuana). As pioneers in leading treatments for cannabis addiction, we know this is not the case.   Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions How does marijuana cause a hangover? If you smoke cannabis, you will know of the foggy sort of mornings after late-night smoking and know of the residual effects you feel the next day. The more you smoke weed, the longer it will stay in your system – heavy…

A Drug Summit Drums Up Support for Scotland

A Drug Summit Drums Up Support for Scotland

Drug summits are being held today and tomorrow to address the drug death epidemic in the UK Ironically, this is happening in Glasgow, which is at the heart of the problem.   Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions For Scotland, this is literally a life-or-death turning point as the country has seen some of the highest numbers of drug and alcohol-related mortalities in the world while having a drastic decline in addiction treatment funding. Since last year, Scotland has seen a 27% rise in drug-related deaths, with the majority of it being from opioid overdoses. Meanwhile, admissions to treatment centres, especially…

Fentanyl: UK’s Next Drug Epidemic?

When it comes to illicit drug use, heroin and crack cocaine are often considered the worst drugs someone can take. They are responsible for the majority of drug-related deaths and are the leading cause of concern in most countries. Now with synthetic opioids, particularly fentanyl, becoming more widespread, it seems that there’s a new epidemic coming. And soon, it is expected to hit the UK as well.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Fentanyl has been around since 1959, but it first made headlines in 2016, when it killed Prince, an iconic American musician. He died from an accidental overdose…

7 Signs Your Child May Be Using Drugs

Unfortunately, we all do things despite knowing better and the younger kids start using drugs, the more likely they are to develop a serious addiction. If you can catch drug use early, treatment and therapy can prevent problems later on. Here are some signs your child might be using drugs….

Black Mamba Drug

Black Mamba, also known as the zombie drug, is a man-made drug of altering chemicals that are sprayed on dried, shredded plant material to be smoked or sold as liquids to be vaporized and inhaled in e-cigarettes. Black Mamba is more powerful than marijuana and cause dangerous consequences if not treated….

Substance Abuse and Crime

80% of people are incarcerated from drug and alcohol-related crimes such as domestic violence, drinking while driving, public-order offenses, and property offenses. 80% of offenders also abuse drugs and alcohol. Having a sober life is not a life sentence- incarceration is….

The Deception of Substance Use

Substance abuse and active addiction can be difficult to overcome when the user is in denial or otherwise rationalising his or her behavior. Moving past the deception of substance use is the first step in getting clean….

Is MDMA Addictive?

MDMA is the primary ingredient in the street drug ecstasy which is popular in clubs and rave culture, but based on its feel good, party-oriented properties, many are left to wonder is MDMA addictive?…