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Guide to Cryptocurrency Addiction

Cryptocurrency addiction is the compulsive trading in cryptocurrencies and related activities with resulting negative consequences on a person’s life. Cryptocurrency addiction is a behavioural addiction, similar to gambling addiction, and disrupts or damages personal, family relationships & recreational pursuits…

Getting Help with Cryptocurrency Addiction

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are not backed up by a central bank like the Bank of England. They are bought and sold like shares, and traded globally online (via the internet)…

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Stress Related Burnout

Castle Craig provides intense residential alcohol & drugs rehab treatment for professionals & executives suffering from stress, burnout, prescription drug abuse….

Abstinence, Sobriety and Rehabilitation

Castle Craig rehab’s approach to addiction treatment is abstinence-based. Also known as sobriety this means completely giving up alcohol & chemical substances….

The Relationship between Anxiety and Addiction

Find out more about the relationship between anxiety and drug, alcohol or gambling addiction, the symptoms of addiction, the caused of anxiety disorders and how we treat anxiety and addiction in a comprehensive detox & therapy rehab programme….

What is Rock Bottom?

In the context of alcohol and drug addiction, people often think they have reached ?rock bottom?. Therapist Chris Burn explains what ‘rock bottom’ means for the person who abuses alcohol or drugs or has already developed a chemical dependency….

How to Prepare for Starting Rehab Treatment

Deciding to enter rehab for alcohol, drugs or gambling addiction is an important step. At Castle Craig our admission team helps with the payment options and our medical and therapy team offers medical and emotional support for taking this decision….

How to Prevent Relapse

Learn more about why people relapse, signs and how to prevent relapse. Read on for 5 tips to help prevent relapse. Castle Craig, drug & alcohol rehab, UK…

OCD and Alcohol or Drug Abuse

We offer specialised dual diagnosis treatment for OCD and addiction problems. Through specialised therapy and educational lectures, patients develop and coping skills to manage the symptoms of OCD….

How to Get Back to Work After Addiction

Reentering the workforce after an alcohol or drug addiction problem can be difficult for people in recovery. Castle Craig Rehab offers specialised addiction treatment and continuing care planning….

How to Get a New Job After Completing Rehab

Working after rehab is a very constructive way to maintain sobriety and recovery. Castle Craig addiction treatment clinic provides professional support and therapy for integrating back into work life after completing rehab treatment….

How can I Help a Work Colleague with Addiction

If you suspect a coworker may be struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, here are some things you can do to support them in getting help and proper rehab treatment. Castle Craig offers specialised addiction help for managers, employers, businesses and HR departments….