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Fortnite and Gaming Addiction

A dystopian world and a world-wide broadcasted death match. One hundred players stranded on an island; only one will survive. This is not the plot of the latest Hunger Games movie – this is Fortnite. Capturing the minds of children across the world….

How to Have Fun Sober

You have to go to meetings and therapy and work the steps. You have to make healthy lifestyle changes like eating better and exercising. On top of all that, you probably have the same work and family obligations you’ve always had. It’s important to include some time to relax every day, and it’s important to have fun….

Planning a Sober Holiday

While negative stress gets all the attention for causing cravings, happy events can cause cravings too and they’re dangerous because you don’t expect them. Despite the challenges, you can make it through a holiday abroad and have a great time if you do a little planning….

4 Unexpected Benefits of Sobriety

People usually get sober for big reasons. They may realise they’re hurting their family, their career has stalled because of addiction, they get into legal trouble, or they’re just completely miserable and they know addiction has a lot to do with it. As they say in AA, when you’re in a hole, stop digging….

How a Schedule Can Help You Stay Sober

In recovery, one thing you definitely want to avoid is having nothing to do. You start to get restless, you have nothing better to do, so you start to think, ‘What do I normally do when I’m bored?’ Boredom gives you too much time to think. It may have something to do with why you became addicted in the first place….

When I Get Sober Will I Need a New Job?

Sobriety requires you to change something about the way you live. It could be that you need new friends or that you need a healthier lifestyle, or perhaps medication and therapy. People find their jobs are not conducive to recovery. For a variety of reasons, some jobs tend to go with higher rates of addiction….

Why Sobriety Won’t Solve All Your Problems

There is a common narrative that goes something like this: ‘My life was terrible because of addiction. Quitting was hard at first, but now my life is amazing’. It’s a nice idea, but most people find the road a bit bumpier. Expecting life in recovery to be perfect is nearly as bad as expecting it to be worse….

How Substituting Habits Can Help You Stay Sober

One reason people find sobriety challenging is that their habits are built around drinking. Maybe you are in the habit of stopping at the pub on the way home, or maybe you open a beer when you watch television. Drinking is associated with other drugs, and people who try to quit the drugs without quitting drinking find themselves using again….

What Drugs Damage Your Brain the Most?

All drugs work by altering your brain function in some way and the longer you use, the more your brain changes. It might take a while to start feeling normal again, and once you’ve struggled with addiction, it will likely remain a problem to guard against, but your brain will eventually get back to normal…

7 Signs Your Child May Be Using Drugs

Unfortunately, we all do things despite knowing better and the younger kids start using drugs, the more likely they are to develop a serious addiction. If you can catch drug use early, treatment and therapy can prevent problems later on. Here are some signs your child might be using drugs….