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Morphine Addiction Treatment

Morphine is a strong nonsynthetic prescription opioid painkiller drug. Morphine is the primary chemical component in opium and it constitutes the model upon which many narcotics are developed…

Opioids and Painkillers

Opioid drugs: methadone, morphine, heroin withdrawal & side effects. Get prescription painkillers detox & rehab programme for opioid abuse & painkiller addiction….


Read about cannabis (marijuana, grass, pot, dope, weed) withdrawal, abuse, health risks & effects, detox & treatment at Castle Craig drug rehab centre….

Salvia Addiction and Treatment

Facts about salvia divinorum hallucinogenic plant drug: effects of using salvia, health risks of using salvia and treatment at Castle Craig drug & alcohol rehab treatment centre. Salvia is sometimes promoted and sold as a legal cannabis substitute….

Signs of Drug Addiction

Read about drug addiction signs & recovery at Castle Craig, a leading addiction centre specialising in the treatment of alcohol addiction and drug dependence….


Read about methadone effects, withdrawal symptoms, side-effects, detox and treatment. Find out what is the problem with methadone maintenance programmes….

Spice Addiction and Treatment

Spice, K2, Fake Weed, zombie drugs are forms of synthetic cannabis, an extremely addictive new psychoactive substance. Castle Craig provides Spice Addiction Treatment, Spice Detox, Spice Rehab Therapy at our addiction rehab clinic close to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, London….

Synthetic Cannabis

Spice, synthetic cannabis & synthetic marijuana addiction detox rehab programme provides cannabis/marijuana detox & therapy for spice withdrawal & abuse. Get specialised rehab information and advice now at Castle Craig, Britain’s leading rehab treatment clinic….

Synthetic Hallucinogens Addiction and Treatment

Get detox and drug rehab for synthetic hallucinogens addiction with the residential drug detox & rehab programme at Castle Craig. Mephedrone and bath salt addiction treatment. Our residential rehab clinic combines specialist medical care and individual therapy to treat synthetic hallucinogens addiction….

Drug Facts

Read about different types of drugs and their effects, drug addiction, health risks, signs & side-effects, changes in a drug user’s brain. Heroin, cocaine, cannabis, opioids & other drugs abuse can lead to addiction. For more help and information, contact Castle Craig….

Types of Drugs

Information on signs, health risks, side-effects, detox & treatment for different types of drugs addictions from Castle Craig drug & alcohol rehab centre….

LSD Abuse and Treatment

LSD is a potent mood-changing and hallucinogenic substance. Read about LSD signs, health risks, effects, witdrawal symptoms & treatment at Castle Craig Rehab….

Ecstasy Addiction and Treatment

Castle Craig Hospital has over 30 years experience in dealing with drug addiction. Ecstasy is often seen as a harmless drugs by many users but there are considerable health risks associated with the drug. Find out more here….

MDMA (Ecstasy) Addiction Treatment

We offer intensive ecstasy (MDMA) treatment programme: ecstasy detox & rehab addiction therapies, personalised medical & therapeutic care, private rehab facilities….

Eugeroic and Nootropics – Addiction to “Smart Drugs”

Our drug addiction treatment programme treats all drug abuse including eugeroic nootropics or smart drugs. Smart drug addiction is targeted through specialised detoxification and psychotherapy programme based on the 12 step philosophy combining CBT and other therapies….

Effects of GHB Addiction and Treatment

GHB is a club drug (Liquid Ecstasy/Fantasy). Get GHB withdrawal detox & GHB addiction treatment through our specialised rehab programme for date-rape drugs….

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Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an opioid drug that is synthesized from morphine, a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the seed of the Asian poppy plant…

Ketamine Addiction and Treatment

Ketamine addiction, effects of ketamine abuse. Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic. Long term ketamine use can have serious health implications. Ketamine addiction is devastating for individuals and the people who care about them….

Ketamine Rehab Programme

Get residential ketamine rehab & detox: personalised ketamine recovery programme, specialised psychotherapies, expert medical care & private rehab facilities….

Khat Abuse, Addiction and Treatment

Khat is an addictive stimulant with dangerous side effects. Need help with khat addiction? Contact us for more information, advice on drug treatment and help with khat addiction. Detox from khat addiction, relieve Khat withdrawal symptoms, recovery from khat addiction through residential rehab with targeted psychotherapies….

Cannabis Rehab Treatment Programme

Get private cannabis rehab treatment at Castle Craig: medically monitored cannabis detox, expert addiction psychotherapies, personalised recovery plan….

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Cocaine Addiction

Castle Craig offers specialised cocaine rehab treatment: personalised cocaine detox & addiction psychotherapies. Get expert medical care in top private cocaine rehab….

Designer Drug Abuse Treatment

Read about designer drugs withdrawal, signs of abuse, health risks & effects, detox & treatment at Castle Craig residential drugs rehab clinic….