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How to Make Amends in Recovery

People struggling with addiction often hurt people they care about along the way. Part of recovery is attempting to fix those relationships and make amends for past behaviour. This is difficult and sometimes complicated. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it….

Is Caffeine Addiction Dangerous?

Caffeine is perhaps the most socially acceptable drug. If you are recovering from addiction, or if you just drink a lot of tea or coffee, you may wonder if caffeine addiction is something to worry about. Click here to learn more now….

Learning from Relapse

Although relapse is a serious setback and often dangerous, it is not a permanent failure. Many people achieve long-term recovery after several tries and relapses. If you have had a relapse, the important thing is to figure out what went wrong and try again. Learn more here….

How to Accept Yourself

Acceptance is a big part of moving past addiction or any personal challenge. Acceptance means accepting reality as it is, including accepting yourself as you are. If you don’t start with acceptance, everything else is harder because you see the world as you would like it to be instead of how it is. Learn more now….

Black Mamba Drug

Black Mamba, also known as the zombie drug, is a man-made drug of altering chemicals that are sprayed on dried, shredded plant material to be smoked or sold as liquids to be vaporized and inhaled in e-cigarettes. Black Mamba is more powerful than marijuana and cause dangerous consequences if not treated….

What Happens After Residential Inpatient Treatment

When your time at inpatient rehabilitation ends, the beginning of a new life begins where you will have to continue working on your recovery. After 28-60 days of inpatient rehab treatment, you will be out in the “real world” with your friends and family on your journey to recovery. Click here to learn more now….

FAQ on Problem Gambling

Gambling is a growing problem in the UK and other areas of the EU. As gambling machines become as popular as candy machines in local shoppes, it is important to understand when a gambling habit becomes a gambling problem. Gambling addiction is a recognized mental illness for which treatment is available. Learn more….

How to Find 12 Step Meetings When Traveling

While addiction recovery should be your primary focus, you are still allowed to live your life and have sober fun. Having a vacation when you are in early recovery does not give you an excuse to be on vacation from your recovery. There are many ways you find 12 step meetings all over the world while you are traveling….

What to Look For in a Sponsor

When you are trying to recover from addiction, it can be hard to go to friends and family for support if they have never been through your experiences. Sponsor can provide a great source of comfort and will act as your mentor through your recovery. Click here to learn more….

The Negative Impacts of Social Media Addiction

Mental health can be impacted due to low self-esteem as well as looking at everyone’s lives on social media. It will make you not want to have real social interactions if you can say one thing to hundreds of people in one click. Your minds occupied in viewing photos, liking posts, and commenting….

Substance Abuse and Crime

80% of people are incarcerated from drug and alcohol-related crimes such as domestic violence, drinking while driving, public-order offenses, and property offenses. 80% of offenders also abuse drugs and alcohol. Having a sober life is not a life sentence- incarceration is….

Shopping Addicts Buy Their Feelings

shopping addicts do not have any limits when it comes to spending. Those with an addiction to shopping need a clear understanding on how to budget their spendings or it can damage them financially as well as their relationships. Click here to learn more….

Self-Harm and Addiction

Some people let out their anxiety and frustration by locking themselves in their room or crying. Others develop an addiction to self-harm where you deliberately and intentionally hurt yourself with no intent of suicide. Click here to learn more….