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The Negative Impacts of Social Media Addiction

Mental health can be impacted due to low self-esteem as well as looking at everyone’s lives on social media. It will make you not want to have real social interactions if you can say one thing to hundreds of people in one click. Your minds occupied in viewing photos, liking posts, and commenting….

Substance Abuse and Crime

80% of people are incarcerated from drug and alcohol-related crimes such as domestic violence, drinking while driving, public-order offenses, and property offenses. 80% of offenders also abuse drugs and alcohol. Having a sober life is not a life sentence- incarceration is….

Shopping Addicts Buy Their Feelings

shopping addicts do not have any limits when it comes to spending. Those with an addiction to shopping need a clear understanding on how to budget their spendings or it can damage them financially as well as their relationships. Click here to learn more….

Self-Harm and Addiction

Some people let out their anxiety and frustration by locking themselves in their room or crying. Others develop an addiction to self-harm where you deliberately and intentionally hurt yourself with no intent of suicide. Click here to learn more….

How to Control Your Anger

When it seems impossible to control your anger, serious consequences happen such as getting in a physical altercation or drive recklessly when you are on the road. If your anger continues, the chances of developing a coronary heart disease will increase as well. You can also develop insomnia, headaches, and insomnia….

Problem Solving Skills You Gain in Treatment

Addiction recovery programs like drug rehab and behavioral counseling do more than just help an addict break from addiction, the problem solving skills you gain in treatment help you construct a better life for years to come….

The Deception of Substance Use

Substance abuse and active addiction can be difficult to overcome when the user is in denial or otherwise rationalising his or her behavior. Moving past the deception of substance use is the first step in getting clean….

Is MDMA Addictive?

MDMA is the primary ingredient in the street drug ecstasy which is popular in clubs and rave culture, but based on its feel good, party-oriented properties, many are left to wonder is MDMA addictive?…