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International Admissions

We admit patients from around the UK and Europe, as well as expats and foreign nationals from around the world. We have a multinational team at our residential addiction treatment centre. With a German Consultant Psychiatrist, therapists from the USA, South Africa, and from around Europe, we consider ourselves to be a rehab centre with an international outlook. Most Admissions from outside the EU are Privately Funded Most patients from outside the EU come to us as private patients and we are happy to discuss payment options and to see if costs can be covered with your private medical insurance…

Cross Border Healthcare Directive Q&A

The complex Cross-border Healthcare Directive has been condensed by Castle Craig. Read the Q&A to find out more about the directive and how it can help you….

International Addiction Treatment

Castle Craig is an international alcohol & drug addiction treatment centre with a specialised residential programme, welcoming patients from all over the world….