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Renewal Workshops

At Castle Craig Rehab clinic we offer 12 Step workshops to anyone who has been treated for alcohol or drug addiction and is in recovery….

Continuing Care

We provide all patients at Castle Craig rehab clinic, Castle Craig London, Smarmore Castle Ireland and Castle Craig Netherlands with personalised two-year continuing care plans to reduce the risk of alcohol and drug addiction relapse. We hold our own free aftercare groups for past clients to attend to help avoid relapse….

Extended Treatment

90 Day ‘Gold Standard’ Rehab Programme As a length of treatment, Castle Craig promotes the 90 days ‘Gold Standard’, which is proven to be the threshold for significant improvement in long-term recovery. Our Extended Treatment Programme is extremely valuable for people who could benefit from a longer stay in residential rehab. Those with: A long history of addiction, Those who are experiencing prolonged drug withdrawal e.g. benzodiazepines, Those with Dual Diagnosis which can include: Other addictions which need addressing, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Eating disorders, Mood disorders, personality disorders or depression; Chronic pain issues, Those who simply want more time to…

What is SoberCare?

SoberCare is a remote alcohol monitoring programme which helps people in early recovery to manage their sobriety. Castle Craig makes SoberCare available to its patients leaving treatment….

Teletherapy in Aftercare

Through the medium of teletherapy Castle Craig can offer you continuing care via online video conferencing for alcohol & drug addiction treatment….