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Alcoholism Treatment

Personalised Addiction Treatment Plans

We treat each patient who comes for alcohol or drug rehab at Castle Craig as a unique individual and ensure that their addiction treatment plan is personalised….

Residential Treatment

Residential addiction treatment clinic for drug problems, alcoholism, gambling addiction, prescription drug addiction, dual diagnosis, near Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. Inpatient treatment involves detox, and more…

Therapeutic Community at Castle Craig

We run a highly effective therapeutic community with medical facilities for those suffering from alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. Our therapeutic community is one of our most powerful tools in bringing about recovery…

Relapse Prevention

Our drug & alcohol addiction relapse prevention groups maximise insight into addiction & identify relapse triggers. Read advice to prevent addiction relapse….

Discharge Planning

The Consultant Psychiatrist, focal therapist & Head Nurse at Castle Craig alcohol & drug addiction centre devise a detailed discharge & continuing care plan with the patient….

Exercise and Fitness

Patients usually enter rehab treatment in a poor physical state. Regular exercise gives the body the physical strength to overcome alcohol & drug addiction….

Food and Nutrition at our Rehab Clinic

Alcohol & drug abuse robs the body of important vitamins. A healthy, balanced diet is an important part of Castle Craig’s alcohol & drug addiction recovery programme….

Orientation & Mentoring

New rehab patients receive a warm & caring welcome. There is an overriding optimism at Castle Craig rehab clinic that addiction recovery is possible….

Rehabilitation and Recovery Lectures

Most people coming into rehab treatment don?t know what is wrong with them. We want to educate our patients about the disease of alcohol or drug addiction….

Residential Treatment Admission

Read about admission to Castle Craig drug & alcohol addiction treatment centre. We provide medical cover for detox within a specialised rehab programme….