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What’s the Point of Group Therapy Anyway?

People new to addiction treatment at Castle Craig Hospital sometimes question the worth of group therapy. They may consider it unnecessarily challenging and if asked, say they prefer individual counselling. It can take several sessions to appreciate the benefits of working with a group. Group therapy is effective, make no mistake. A group often achieves more than an individual counsellor might – that’s true in many settings, besides mental health therapy. The collective wisdom, expertise and experience of a group is always likely to be powerful though sometimes it can seem threatening as well. However, individual therapy is powerful too…

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​​Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Addiction Recovery

Addiction does not affect one person. It impacts everyone who has a relationship with the addicted person – partner, family, children, friends and colleagues. Equally, the company you keep has an impact on your recovery, which means it’s important that when undergoing addiction treatment your relationships are stable and supportive, non-judgmental and trustworthy. It is inevitable that you mixed with fellow users during your drug or alcohol addiction. You may even feel that they are your only friends because they understand what you’re going through. However, it is crucial that you stop seeing these people, as these are toxic relationships…