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Understanding Alcohol Abuse

Having a beer or a glass of wine while out to dinner or socializing with friends is a common way that many relax and unwind. But when alcohol consumption becomes too frequent, or the amount consumed increases, it can be dangerous territory…

Understanding Addiction

Reaching out to help someone with an alcohol or drug problem is not easy. Get expert advice and rehab information from Castle Craig Hospital….

Addiction Conferences & Events

iCAAD Conferences | Addiction Treatment Events Here is a (incoming) list of addiction related conferences and events that are held worldwide….

How to Become More Optimistic Hospital

Although most people don’t feel very optimistic starting recovery, developing a more optimistic attitude greatly improves your chances of long-term success. Optimism reduces stress, improves health, fosters perseverance, and most importantly, makes people believe they can stay sober if they try…

So What if You Don’t Do Everything ‘Right’ in Recovery? Hospital

We all know there are things we ‘should’ do but don’t. We could all eat a little better, get a little more exercise, sleep a little more, but for whatever reason, it just isn’t happening. In recovery, there’s only one bright line: drinking or using drugs. As long as you don’t do those things, you’re doing it right….

When to Change Sponsors Hospital

If you can, you should stick with one sponsor, because the better you know each other, the more productive your relationship will be. Sometimes that isn’t possible or desirable. Here are some reasons you might need to change sponsors….

Mending Relationships with Family and Friends Hospital

One step in a 12 Step programs is to make amends with those you have wronged when using drugs or alcohol. 1.2 million people are affected by drug abuse in their families. With a lot of trust and honesty, it is possible for relationships to be mended during recovery. Click here to learn more now….

Inspiration Songs To Listen To While in Recovery Hospital

There is always a story within the lyrics that audiences feel they can relate to and sympathize with. Artists have written songs either about their experience with drug use or someone else’s to better teach audiences about different experiences with struggle and recovery. Click here to learn more….

How to Take Better Care of Your Liver Hospital

It is important to keep your weight under control to prevent fatty liver disease which can lead to cirrhosis, which causes scarring damage to the liver, as well as less carbs to avoid leaving fat deposits in the liver. Click here to learn more….

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy Hospital

The tasks for keeping your heart healthy are actually pretty simple but will cause a change in lifestyle for those who normally are not careful with their diet, exercise, and sleep. It is important to ensure a healthy heart by making healthy choices since you are the only one who can take care of it. Learn more….

How Much Nature Do We Need a Day Hospital

Walking outsides is good for your mental health as well as a study in 2009 saying taking a nature walk can reduce stress levels. It was also said in 2013 how walking on a green space can put the brain in a meditative state. Click here to learn more….

Will Arnett Relapses While Shooting Flaked Series Hospital

Relapse can happen to anyone. When you are surrounded by triggers or you think about what life was like when you were under the influence, you tend to miss those substances. Will Arnett told his story this year about his relapse while filming his new series and how he plans on putting his life back together….