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How Has 12 Step Recovery Helped You Prepare for the Coronavirus Pandemic?

In recovery we remember the isolation our addiction brought us to, so we knew what isolation meant and how it felt. In 2020, that’s something which has been new for a lot of people – especially family members of those with addiction – they didn’t understand what it meant when we talked about those feelings of isolation. Now they’re really realising what that is and what that does to you.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Most important of these is Step 1.  Step 1 – Admitted we were powerless and our lives were unmanageable In terms of global issues…

Coronavirus Guide to Recovery Meetings

Addiction Recovery Support During the Coronavirus Epidemic

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the biggest factor that will affect your day-to-day life is limiting public interaction. You may need to work from home, might avoid visiting elderly relatives, limit public gatherings and if you have children you will need to look at home-schooling them should the schools close. If you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has the virus you will need to self-isolate. As a person in addiction recovery, this makes things complicated. After all, you need to attend frequent recovery fellowship meetings, especially in the first months after treatment.   Rehab…

Why Optimism is Important in Recovery

Most people don’t go into recovery feeling optimistic. Most people just feel like life couldn’t get much worse and they have to change something. That’s more like desperation than optimism. Depression has many facets, one of which is the inability to imagine a better future….

How to Break Bad Habits in Recovery

Everyone has some bad habits. When you’re in recovery, some of those habits will work against you. Maybe you still smoke, or you don’t get enough sleep, or you spend too much time on Facebook, or you still spend time with people who drink…

Why Empathy Matters in Recovery

Empathy is an important quality to cultivate in recovery. It doesn’t get as much attention as some other qualities like humility, perseverance, patience, honesty, and optimism, but it’s just as important. Here’s how your recovery will benefit by learning to be more empathetic….

Drug addiction

How to Weather a Crisis During Recovery

There are some problems, however, that deal you a severe blow. It could be a divorce, a death in the family, or being fired. Events like these are huge for anyone, whether or not addiction has been an issue. How do you keep a crisis from ruining your recovery?…

How Intelligence Can Make Addiction Recovery Harder

Several studies have indicated that higher intelligence is linked to addiction. It could be that intelligent people are more curious, less constrained by social norms, more prone to social anxiety and isolation, more prone to worry or relive bad memories, or more likely to feel bored or dissatisfied…

Why Gratitude is Essential in Addiction Recovery

If you’re just starting detox, treatment, or recovery, or just starting to think about it, gratitude may be far from your mind. If your struggles with addiction have forced you to confront the possibility you need treatment, your life is almost certainly not what you want it to be. What do you have to be grateful for?…

What is Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS, is a feeling some people experience after detox. It is often described as numbness, depression, or wild emotional swings. PAWS may begin a few weeks or months after acute withdrawal ends and it may last six months, a year, or more. Learn more here….

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are positive and specific statements to help overcome negative thoughts. This can be useful if you are struggling with anything such as addiction or mental health. It is important to continue saying positive affirmations every morning so that you can wake up feeling happy with yourself….

Poetry Therapy

Poetry therapy is using poems to heal mental health and well-being. You can use existing literature from your therapist or create your own poems that express your emotions. Poetry therapy can help patients creative outlook in expressing their emotions and helping therapists discover what their patient is going through….

The History of Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is all about believing in the importance of healing the entire person instead of the specific illness, certain body parts, or symptoms. Holistic comes from the Greek word “holos” which means whole. Emotions, environment, and lifestyle can play a role in health just as much as medicine can….

Journal Writing as a Therapeutic Technique

Writing down your goals can give you a better chance of achieving them and with more success. A journal can be thought of as the book of your life as you see struggle in the beginning and you will feel motivated to do better in your recovery so that your journal can have a happy ending. Learn more here….