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How Creativity Can Help in Recovery

There are a variety of art projects to do to help you connect you with your feelings. You can create an art journal about the pictures you see in your head when your therapist mentions a topic. You can use colors and scribbles that represent your stress levels. Learn more here….

Boredom in Recovery

Boredom is a well known trigger for relapse in addiction recovery, therefore learning to deal with boredom in recovery so as not to seek out the entertainment or escape of drugs is key to maintaining long term sobriety….

Family Attachment Narrative Therapy

The first years of a child’s life determine a great deal about the character and disposition of the child in years to come, which is why family attachment narrative therapy is used in family counseling….

Why Some People Call Running Therapy

Running and other forms of cardiovascular exercise get the blood flowing in a person’s body, spreading healthy endorphins and helpful hormones, which can be helpful in recovery as a form of therapy….

The Reason for Individual Treatment Programs

While the biological roots of chemical dependency are similar for everyone, each person’s struggle with addiction is unique. That’s the main reason for individual treatment programs that cater to each person’s needs, triggers, and goals….

Spiritual Growth

Recovering from addiction often involves developing a connection to a higher power of your understanding, which helps to shape your accountability, resolve, and spiritual growth….

Hyperbaric Chambers as Therapy

There are many types of alternative treatments and therapies for people in recovery. Consider hyperbaric chambers as therapy for recovery if you’re looking to explore something new….

Equine Therapy is Time Spent in Nature

Alternative treatment methods offer recovery patients different opportunities for mental and emotional coping. For example, equine therapy is time spent in nature, and can be very beneficial to mental health and recovery….

Empathy as a Model for Recovery

Recovery from addiction requires a great deal of self understanding and compassion for others. Viewing empathy as a model for recovery helps us to develop core emotional skills for success….

Awakening Your Spiritual Side

The traditional approach to treating addiction has always involved some connection to a higher power of your own understanding, and awakening your spiritual side can give you the strength to succeed in recovery….