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Specialist Therapies

Comprehensive Specialist Therapies Since 1988 we have established a comprehensive range of specialist therapies that target addictions and any obstacles that prevent recovery. At Castle Craig, we offer a wide variety of specialist therapies to help our patients  . We offer a wide variety of therapies that we tailor into a personalised treatment programme that suits the needs of each individual. Many of our therapists have personal experience of recovery and we assign a focal therapist to each patient who conducts individual psychotherapy. We can give special attention to each individual and their unique circumstances. This allows us to pinpoint…

Individual Rehab Therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a cornerstone of rehab treatment at Castle Craig. Patients speak in complete privacy with a specialist addiction therapist….

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Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking at Castle Craig Are you addicted to cigarettes? Smoking cessation therapy is a non-compulsory specialised therapy offered to patients who are already at Castle Craig and receiving treatment for addiction to alcohol or drugs. We want our patients to leave Castle Craig at the peak of their health and to continue that way thereafter. The motivational and CBT therapy runs as an open-ended group for 6 weeks although patients may remain in the group for as long as they choose. The programme follows the 12 steps principles which allows smokers to address their addiction and to find ways…

Eating Disorders Therapy

Eating Disorders Treatment At Castle Craig rehab clinic we treat patients with addictive disorders and who have mild Bulimia Nervosa or Binge-Eating Disorder. Our management of eating disorders is incorporated into our addiction treatment programme. Patients with eating disorders will be assessed and cared for by our skilled multidisciplinary team. We are unable to offer treatment to those with severe active Anorexia Nervosa. Eating disorder treatment will be integrated with treatment for addictive disease and specialised therapies. Assessment We screen patients with co-occurring eating disorders in order to assess their suitability for admission.  Once your admission has been agreed, a more detailed…