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Alcohol Depression

Fear and Loathing After Drinking – Can Alcohol Cause Depression?

The connection between drinking alcohol and depression is real, although which comes first — alcohol or depression — is up for debate. Does alcohol cause or worsen depression? Or does depression lead to alcohol misuse and abuse? A group of researchers from Yale University in the United States sought to answer the following two questions: How common are alcohol programs among people who suffer from depression?  35 studies meeting criteria suggested that 16% of individuals diagnosed with depression presented with alcohol problems versus 7% among the general population. Hence, those with depression showed more than double the propensity to face alcohol problems….

Self Medicating with Alcohol

Self Medicating With Alcohol – Avoiding the Dangers

Self medication theory is the idea that people use substances or gratifying behaviours to treat underlying problems without the advice of and without following a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. As Dr. Elizabeth Hartney describes in an article for Very Well Mind, self-medication theory can apply to substance abuse disorders as well as behavioral addictions such as gambling, compulsive shopping, and eating disorders. Self medication is one of the most common paths to addiction. Why Do People Self-Medicate? There are a number of reasons people self-medicate. Sometimes the user isn’t consciously aware that they are self-medicating. They turn to a substance…


Why People Do Coke and Why You Should Not

Curiosity, peer pressure, depression, and being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are common reasons why people try cocaine for the first time. The reasons why they keep going back to it? Well, that varies, and we’ll explore that more in this article. Statistics about Cocaine Use in the UK Cocaine use in the UK has been on the rise in recent years, according to, which annually surveys a sample of adults ages 16 to 59 in order to: Estimate frequency and amount of drug used by adults Learn about characteristics including lifestyle and household factors that…


Wintertime Holiday Mocktail Recipes

The winter holidays are rich in tradition, merriment, and cherishing our relationships. For those amidst their recovery it can also present new challenges to staying sober. Christmas parties, New Years, and family get-togethers can be fraught with triggers and temptations. For some people, replacing their former holiday cocktails with non-alcoholic holiday drinks helps in getting into the spirit of the season without inviting a relapse. We’re providing these recipes as alternatives to mixed drinks, beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages during the holidays to enjoy. However, with that said, be aware of the potential for “mocktails” to trigger your cravings…