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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At Castle Craig, we believe that alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is a primary, chronic brain disease. As a result, patients must undergo an abstinence-based programme in order to achieve long-lasting recovery. The specialized residential treatment programme for alcoholism that has been developed here at Castle Craig will help patients suffering from alcohol addiction find get the personlised care they need to combat the disease. Many people drink alcohol responsibly and within the recommended limits which does not put their health at risk. But some people get into serious trouble because of their drinking, causing harm to themselves and those around…

The Facts and Symptoms of Functional Alcoholism

Functioning alcoholics are individuals who appear to be able to or are in fact actually maintaining life stability while abusing or dependent on alcohol. Visit our site to find out more….

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

We developed a specialised Alcohol Rehab residential treatment programme. Contact us for personalised alcohol rehab and alcohol detox programme….

Alcohol and Depression

Find out more about the relationship between alcoholism and depression and the specialised treatment programme at Castle Craig for patients with alcohol addiction and depression….

Functional Alcoholism & Work

Find out more about how to deal with functional alcoholics in the workplace. We offer support for employers with treatment for functional alcoholism….