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The Signs and Symptoms of a Functional Alcoholic

Functioning alcoholics are individuals who appear to be able to or are in fact actually maintaining life stability while abusing or dependent on alcohol. Visit our site to find out more….

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

We developed a specialised Alcohol Rehab residential treatment programme. Contact us for personalised alcohol rehab and alcohol detox programme….

Alcohol and Depression

Find out more about the relationship between alcoholism and depression and the specialised treatment programme at Castle Craig for patients with alcohol addiction and depression….

Functional Alcoholism & Work

Find out more about how to deal with functional alcoholics in the workplace. We offer support for employers with treatment for functional alcoholism….

Alcoholism Facts

Read about how much alcohol is safe to drink, how much is a unit, when alcohol becomes a problem & alcoholism treatment options at Castle Craig rehab clinic….

Alcohol Health Risks

Alcoholism, prolonged heavy drinking & binge drinking have a variety of adverse effects on the body. Read alcohol long-term health risks & side effects here….

How to Help a Functional Alcoholic

How can family members help a functional alcoholic, someone who is addicted to alcohol but continues to lead a normal life on the outside? Castle Craig offers advice, information and a residential treatment programme for functional alcoholism….

Is my Alcohol Consumption Affecting my Family Life?

Alcoholism is a ‘family disease’. If you have an alcohol problem yourself or know an alcoholic family member, contact us for specialist addiction help. Early recognition & alcohol addiction treatment can reset the damage….

Treatment for Anxiety and Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Patients with a dual diagnosis of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and anxiety have complex needs and are therefore best treated in a residential rehab setting. We provide a complex detox & rehab therapy programme….

Photo of patient going through withdrawals from alcohol

Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol detox can be extremely dangerous due to intensive withdrawal symptoms. How long does it take to detox from alcohol and what are the withdrawal symptoms? Find out with Castle Craig rehab….

Alcohol and Eating Disorders

Alcohol abuse and eating disorders often coexist. Research has found that 35% of alcohol and drug users have eating disorders, compared to only 3% of the general population. Get help at Castle Craig Rehab….

Signs of Alcoholism

Read more facts & advice on alcohol addiction (alcoholism), alcohol use, health risks, signs of addiction, how to stop drinking & addiction treatment options….