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A Drug Summit Drums Up Support for Scotland

A Drug Summit Drums Up Support for Scotland

Drug summits are being held today and tomorrow to address the drug death epidemic in the UK Ironically, this is happening in Glasgow, which is at the heart of the problem.  For Scotland, this is literally a life-or-death turning point as the country has seen some of the highest numbers of drug and alcohol-related mortalities in the world while having a drastic decline in addiction treatment funding. Since last year, Scotland has seen a 27% rise in drug-related deaths, with the majority of it being from opioid overdoses. Meanwhile, admissions to treatment centres, especially residential rehabs, have dropped. Today, it…

Fentanyl: UK’s Next Drug Epidemic?

When it comes to illicit drug use, heroin and crack cocaine are often considered the worst drugs someone can take. They are responsible for the majority of drug-related deaths and are the leading cause of concern in most countries. Now with synthetic opioids, particularly fentanyl, becoming more widespread, it seems that there’s a new epidemic coming. And soon, it is expected to hit the UK as well. Fentanyl has been around since 1959, but it first made headlines in 2016, when it killed Prince, an iconic American musician. He died from an accidental overdose on the drug.  Prince was prescribed…

Ritalin Addiction & Treatment

Ritalin is a central nervous system stimulant drug. Similar to other psychostimulants, methylphenidate-based medication like Ritalin results in feelings of pleasure, alertness, wakefulness, increasing body functions such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure…

Stimulant Addiction

Stimulants are commonly abused drugs that increase energy and attention. Stimulants make people more alert, while simultaneously raising a number of body functions like blood pressure, heart rate and breathing…

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Sedative Addiction

Sedatives, also known as sedative hypnotics or tranquilizers, work by producing effects such as reduced anxiety or sleepiness. Physical dependence and eventually addiction to sedatives can occur when these medications are taken for long periods of time, or in higher quantities than prescribed…

Meth Addiction Treatment

Read about methamphetamine (crystal meth) effects, signs, health risks & withdrawal symptoms, as well as meth detox & treatment at Castle Craig rehab clinic….

Eszopiclone (Lunesta) Addiction Treatment

Residential rehab for treating eszopiclone (Lunesta) addiction includes Lunesta withdrawal treatment, eszopiclone (Lunesta) detox & behavioural psychotherapy….

Zaleplon Addiction Treatment

Our residential rehab for zaleplon (Sonata) addiction includes Sonata withdrawal, Sonata detox, zaleplon withdrawal treatment & addiction psychotherapy….

Zolpidem (Ambien) Addiction Treatment

Zolpidem is a non-benzodiazepine “z-drug”, also called a sedative-hypnotic, that has the same medical effectiveness as benzodiazepines with less dangerous addiction risk…

Adderall Addiction Treatment

Our Adderall rehab programme covers Adderall & Vyvanse detox & addiction therapy. Get specialised Adderall & Vyvanse treatment, medical care & 12-step support….

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

Read about amphetamines and other stimulants: signs of abuse, health risks, side-effects, detox & treatment at Castle Craig drug & alcohol treatment centre….

Salvia Addiction and Treatment

Facts about salvia divinorum hallucinogenic plant drug: effects of using salvia, health risks of using salvia and treatment at Castle Craig drug & alcohol rehab treatment centre. Salvia is sometimes promoted and sold as a legal cannabis substitute….

Signs of Drug Addiction

Read about drug addiction signs & recovery at Castle Craig, a leading addiction centre specialising in the treatment of alcohol addiction and drug dependence….


Read about methadone effects, withdrawal symptoms, side-effects, detox and treatment. Find out what is the problem with methadone maintenance programmes….

Spice Addiction and Treatment

Spice, K2, Fake Weed, zombie drugs are forms of synthetic cannabis, an extremely addictive new psychoactive substance. Castle Craig provides Spice Addiction Treatment, Spice Detox, Spice Rehab Therapy at our addiction rehab clinic close to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, London….

Synthetic Cannabis

Spice, synthetic cannabis & synthetic marijuana addiction detox rehab programme provides cannabis/marijuana detox & therapy for spice withdrawal & abuse. Get specialised rehab information and advice now at Castle Craig, Britain’s leading rehab treatment clinic….

Synthetic Hallucinogens Addiction and Treatment

Get detox and drug rehab for synthetic hallucinogens addiction with the residential drug detox & rehab programme at Castle Craig. Mephedrone and bath salt addiction treatment. Our residential rehab clinic combines specialist medical care and individual therapy to treat synthetic hallucinogens addiction….

Drug Facts

Read about different types of drugs and their effects, drug addiction, health risks, signs & side-effects, changes in a drug user’s brain. Heroin, cocaine, cannabis, opioids & other drugs abuse can lead to addiction. For more help and information, contact Castle Craig….

Types of Drugs

Information on signs, health risks, side-effects, detox & treatment for different types of drugs addictions from Castle Craig drug & alcohol rehab centre….

Ecstasy Addiction and Treatment

Castle Craig Hospital has over 30 years experience in dealing with drug addiction. Ecstasy is often seen as a harmless drugs by many users but there are considerable health risks associated with the drug. Find out more here….

MDMA (Ecstasy) Addiction Treatment

We offer intensive ecstasy (MDMA) treatment programme: ecstasy detox & rehab addiction therapies, personalised medical & therapeutic care, private rehab facilities….

Eugeroic and Nootropics – Addiction to “Smart Drugs”

Our drug addiction treatment programme treats all drug abuse including eugeroic nootropics or smart drugs. Smart drug addiction is targeted through specialised detoxification and psychotherapy programme based on the 12 step philosophy combining CBT and other therapies….