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Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction to prescription drugs is just as widespread and damaging as addiction to illegal drugs, and has a serious impact on the lives of those addicted…

Antidepressants Addiction and Treatment

Antidepressants SSRI abuse signs & withdrawal & side-effects: Get specialised antidepressant rehab programme with antidepressant detox & therapy at Castle Craig….

Chronic Pain Management & Addiction

Chronic pain relief medication can lead to dependency. We have the expertise to treat chronic pain and addiction to opioids. Contact us for painkiller addiction treatment….

Prescription Drugs Addiction Treatment

We treat prescription drug abuse with a comprehensive rehab plan of consultant psychiatrist care, prescription medication detox & psychotherapies….

Signs of Prescription Drugs Addiction

Recognise the signs of prescription drug abuse & prescription medication addiction & get expert drug rehab treatment & prescription drugs detox at Castle Craig….


Lisdexamfetamine Addiction Treatment

We treat vyvanse addiction & lisdexamfetamine abuse with a rehab programme for each patient: stimulants detox & specialised addiction psychotherapies….