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Addiction and Rehabilitation Treatment Model

Making the decision to undergo residential addiction treatment at Castle Craig is the beginning of a life-long journey from admission and detox, to relapse prevention and discharge. Our patients leave us in excellent health and carrying a set of therapeutic skills and tools that last a lifetime, including: Impulse control Therapeutic tools to combat negative feelings Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT) Problem solving skills Relapse prevention techniques Holistic therapy aids for mind, body and spirit New, healthy dietary and fitness habits 12 Step fellowship New sober friends Strong support networks that last a lifetime At Castle Craig, we believe that addiction…

12 Step Addiction Treatment

At Castle Craig, our treatment model follows the Minnesota Model or 12 Step Program, viewing addiction as a disease. Find out more here….

The Castle Craig and the Minnesota Model

The Castle Craig Model of addiction treatment incorporates the definition of the 12 Step Minnesota Model. Read here to find more about how we adapt and use this model….