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Managed Alcohol Programmes: A New Strategy for Harm Reduction

Is one solution to alcohol abuse… more alcohol? Some in Canada think so. A few years ago, several cities have implemented managed alcohol programmes (MAP) to tackle severe alcoholism, particularly among those with an unstable housing situation and who drink non-beverage alcohol. After several years of seemingly successful results, other countries including Australia and Scotland are interested in replicating the concept. Already, a homeless shelter in Glasgow wishes to pilot the idea.  While it’s true that such a programme appears to be beneficial in some way for some people, there is a lack of good evidence that these programmes are…


Public Participation Strategy 2008 – 2011 Castle Craig Hospital is focused on delivering a consistently high standard of healthcare, providing rapid access to treatment and good outcomes for those seeking treatment for addictive disease. We constantly endeavour to achieve continuous improvement of the care and services we offer to patients and their families who are referred to us from Scotland, other parts of the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Patient and Family Participation Castle Craig is committed to a policy of promoting participation in the planning and delivery of its services. Participation has already been incorporated into our…

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Addiction and Rehabilitation Treatment Model

Making the decision to undergo residential addiction treatment at Castle Craig is the beginning of a life-long journey from admission and detox, to relapse prevention and discharge…

12 Step Addiction Treatment

At Castle Craig, our treatment model follows the Minnesota Model or 12 Step Program, viewing addiction as a disease. Find out more here….

Addiction Treatment

What Addictions We Treat

What We Treat: Alcohol, drug & gambling addiction, dual diagnosis for depression, anxiety & PTSD. Castle Craig Clinic, Scotland, Ireland, UK, Netherlands….

The Castle Craig and the Minnesota Model

The Castle Craig Model of addiction treatment incorporates the definition of the 12 Step Minnesota Model. Read here to find more about how we adapt and use this model….


Treatment Q&A

Castle Craig thoroughly prepares patients before departure and a personalised continuing care plan is developed by the focal therapist in conjunction with the medical and therapeutic team…