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coronavirus castle craig rehab clinic update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update

Castle Craig is open and safe and we continue to offer our much needed residential addiction treatment for patients at this time. Information on Actions & Measures Taken at Castle Craig Hospital Castle Craig Hospital continues to provide access to essential acute medical and clinical care during this period of unprecedented health threat posed by the pandemic of coronavirus (Covid-19). Alcohol and substance use disorders are amongst the most prevalent of mental health disorders globally. Alcohol and drug users are at greater risk of Covid-19 due the health impact of alcohol, lack of self-care, and social-isolation, which can lead to…

Many people are finding the coronavirus situation is increasing their anxiety

Coronavirus presents a new challenge to sobriety

Addiction sufferers and their families face new challenges.  Coronavirus increases the dangers faced in recovery and has also adversely affected some well-tried responses which, until now, have proved reliable. The sudden arrival of coronavirus has brought everyone out of their comfort zones. Stress levels are high, mainly due to fear of the disease itself. There is also fear of consequences such as financial meltdown. Throughout the UK and around the world people are anxious, afraid and wondering what to do about it all.  We are being told to self-isolate and distance ourselves socially and none of this is good news…

Castle Connect Online Addictions Therapy

Castle Craig Extends a Lifeline for Addiction Sufferers During Lockdown

Following warnings from the World Health Organisation that people may increasingly turn to alcohol as an “unhelpful coping strategy” during the Coronavirus lockdown, Castle Craig Hospital, has restructured its intensive rehab programme into “Castle Connect” an online package to be transmitted across telehealth platforms.  Our team of skilled psychotherapists and addiction specialists are needed more than ever by people suffering from addictions, anxiety, stress and isolation. The online rehab programme, Castle Connect, enables people to engage with specialist addiction therapists from the comfort and safety of their own home. Many people who have considered rehab in the past will be able to use the lockdown as an opportunity to get the help they need.  Professor Jonathan Chick, Medical Director at Castle…

Coronavirus alcohol drinking home

Alcohol and Viral Immunity – Heavy Drinking Increases the Risk of Virus Infection

Excessive alcohol consumption is known to cause damage to both the physical and mental well-being, especially if consumed regularly or in large amounts. More so, it can lead to a lowered immune response, particularly when combined with stress. Castle Craig’s Medical Director, Professor Jonathan Chick, advises that during the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to avoid regular heavy drinking and heavy drinking sessions. Reducing or ceasing heavy drinking should improve immunity within days, (except in the case of liver damage). It is advisable to take extra precautions to keep ourselves and each other safe. As there is no known cure…

New Admissions Unit Opens at Castle Craig to Meet the Challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Castle Craig rehab clinic has launched an innovative, separate admissions and detox unit to treat drug and alcohol addictions. The separate admissions unit, Kirkurd Unit, was created in response to the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic and the increased demand on NHS resources and closure of Private and NHS detox beds and rehab clinics around the UK. The Kirkurd Unit strives for enhanced Covid-19 screening at all stages of admission and detox and a 7 day social distancing period before admission to the main clinic of Castle Craig. With our unique location, 50 acres of land…

The Broken Windows Theory

The Broken Windows Theory, Gordon Ramsay’s cooking programme & why residential rehab treatment works so well in overcoming addiction. Read more here….