Continuing Care

aftercare is an important part of Castle Craig's rehab treatment

Our care for you continues after leaving residential rehab at Castle Craig

We know that returning home and to your local communities can cause some anxiety for people who have been through residential rehab and are new to recovery.

The last time you were at home you were sick with an addiction to alcohol or drugs and your life was unmanageable.

It is an incredible achievement to have been through detoxification, cleared all substances from your body, embraced a new way of life, built up a healthy body, and begun addressing underlying mental health problems and unresolved experiences through psychotherapy; you have also joined a new worldwide fellowship of over 2 million members (AA) and can now return home to embrace your new-found freedom from all alcohol or drugs.

  • But this will cause some anxiety too – how will your old friends react?
  • How will your colleagues react and how will you respond to pressure at work?
  • How will you cope with relapse triggers?
  • How will you find a local AA meeting?
  • Who can you turn to if you are experiencing difficulties? 

We make sure that no patient leaves us unprepared. We consider continuing care essential to reduce the risk of relapse and we provide a personalised two-year continuing care plan continuing all the information and support you need for your return home.

Telehealth – Online Continuing Care

When you come to the end of your stay at residential rehab, going home can feel like a daunting experience. Even if you are excited to leave and looking forward to getting back to work or to your family, the first few months are likely to be a big adjustment.

Through our Continuing Care Programme, we offer a 10-week continuing care plan for people who feel they need extra guidance as they navigate their new lives.

This programme is delivered over Zoom in the comfort of your own home.

We offer:

Intensive Continuing Care

3 weeks, £1,200

2.5 one-to-one therapy sessions per week

2 group therapy sessions per week

Extended Continuing Care

10 weeks, £1,200

1 one-to-one therapy session per week

1 group session per week

Group only Continuing Care

This is offered in cases where someone is returning to their own therapist back home but wishes to continue engaging in Castle Craig’s online group therapy. 

10 weeks, £500

1 group session per week


You can extend your aftercare beyond the set amount of time allocated per programme.

What happens in the online Telehealth for Continuing Care

Our Continuing Care programme helps you implement the principles of recovery directly into your daily life:

  • Implement the principles of recovery;
  • Refine your relapse triggers;
  • Learn alternative coping strategies for difficult situations,
  • Manage negative moods, anger and depression;
  • Explore opportunities to renew relationships; enhancing social support network systems;
  • Personalised relapse prevention;
  • Contingency planning for emergencies;
  • Moving forward, reviewing your continuing care plan.

You can join our online Telehealth programme no matter if you have been at Castle Craig or at another rehab clinic. For more information on availability and prices please contact our Admissions Department.


Free Alumni Aftercare Group

We hold a free weekly alumni group over Zoom for people who have left treatment in their first year of recovery and many choose to enter our Telehealth Continuing Care programme. Castle Craig Netherlands organises its own continuing care programme in Holland. Smarmore Castle, Republic of Ireland, organises continuing care meetings at Smarmore. These are free of charge.

Other continuing care services we offer include

Joining our Alumni

You will join our large group of alumni automatically upon leaving. Alumni receive a butterfly badge to represent their recovery at Castle Craig, and an occasional newsletter with news about Castle Craig and alumni activities. Our main alumni event is the annual reunion each summer, to which we invite everyone who completes treatment.

Check-In Calls

We will contact you on occasion to find out how you are doing and whether you need any additional support. This happens at 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year after leaving treatment.

Support within your Community

Recovery is for life and life-long sobriety is the answer to beating addiction. When you leave residential treatment we ensure that you are equipped with the right tools and contacts to support you in your early recovery in your home and community.

  • We refer you back to your GP, private therapist, Psychiatrist, community addiction team, or any other medical practitioners involved in your care.
  • We arrange for a contact within the local AA / NA fellowship, usually a former patient of Castle Craig, to act as a ‘sponsor’ and help provide an introduction to these essential support networks. With thousands of people who have successfully been through treatment at Castle Craig, from all over the UK and Europe, we can always set you up with the right person to help guide you.
  • Even if you come from the other side of the world we will make sure you have support when you go back home.

Annual reunion

Our annual reunions are a highlight event for alumni, staff and friends of Castle Craig. It’s a great opportunity for alumni to touch base with Castle Craig staff, meet with old friends in recovery and to feel the Castle Craig spirit again.

Continuing Care Coordinator

This page has been approved by Victoria Greenshields,  MSc, Castle Craig Continuing Care Coordinator, and Senior Specialist Therapist.

Victoria’s ensures quality continuing care planning for every patient at Castle Craig who is completing their inpatient treatment. Victoria helps keep a strong link between Castle Craig and the next step in your recovery journey.

She believes that continuing care is just as important as the inpatient stage of care for patients leaving alcohol and drugs behind.


Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked | September 17, 2021