What to do before going in for treatment

Deciding to enter rehab for alcohol, drugs or gambling addiction is an important step. Sometimes individuals feel motivated to address their addiction issues, but also overwhelmed by the logistics of taking time off for treatment. Planning can be stressful, but with the help of the admission team, therapy team and the person’s support system, individuals can take effective steps to ensure that they will be able to focus on their recovery while in treatment, without being distracted by other issues. Below are some notes on How to Prepare for Starting Rehab Treatment.

Taking Care of Legal and Financial Issues Before Entering Rehab

Self-care is crucial for people preparing for rehab and it has different facets. One is addressing issues that might become a distraction during rehab before starting a programme.

Legal and financial issues are the most common type of unhelpful distractions. Individuals should sit down with their supportive others to discuss how any outstanding legal and financial issues can best be resolved prior to entering rehab. Financial, legal, and other institutions may be able to provide some flexibility in making arrangements to address outstanding issues if the individual has committed to a rehab programme.  A personal lawyer may help in communicating with the involved institutions.

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Taking Care of Work and Family Issues Before Entering Rehab

Addressing work and family obligations is also an important part of self-care and preparing for a rehab programme. Individuals and their families can focus better on the recovery journey when there are fewer unresolved distractions.

To this end, people preparing for rehab should work closely with their family and supportive friends and work colleagues to ensure that the individual’s responsibilities are adequately provided for while they are in treatment.

Re-engaging with important members of one’s support network is a helpful way to prepare for rehab. Addiction issues often have serious consequences for an individual’s interpersonal functioning, and spending sober time with the important people in one’s life prior to going into rehab can help the individual focus on their recovery and provide reminders during rehab about how sobriety will help these relationships.

What Will I Need While I’m in Rehab?

It can be tempting for people preparing to go to rehab to “over-stock” for their treatment stay, with items, clothing, and “fun” diversions. Individuals entering rehab will have to adhere to the clinic’s internal guidelines and regulations which usually prohibit using electronic devices at least in the first stage of treatment.

During rehab treatment, patients will benefit from having honest and open discussions with their peers and therapists and will engage in analysing meaningful internal processes. As a result, indulging in electronic distractions is unhelpful and unproductive to addressing the problems that are the focus of treatment.