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Free Drug Addiction Support

As a leading drug addiction treatment facility, we combine inpatient drug treatments with traditional peer support programmes like NA.

Free Drug Addiction Support

As a leading drug addiction treatment facility, we combine inpatient drug treatments with traditional peer support programmes like NA.

We completely immerse our patients into the recovery process at Castle Craig, by offering these meetings on-site to install and set up healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

Please find out more about Narcotics Anonymous (NA) below and other family support groups to take advantage of before, during and after treatment with us at Castle Craig’s drug rehab.

What is NA:

  • Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-Step group derived from Alcoholics Anonymous but for drug addicts in particular. It makes no differentiation between prescription drugs and street drugs.
  • Members attend meetings to share their experiences, discuss 12-Step NA literature, or listen to a speaker.
  • NA’s primary goal is freedom from active addiction. Each meeting is autonomous but follows a similar structure. The only requirement for membership (which is free) for NA is a desire to stop using.
  • Meetings are open to all drug users. There are no fees and no charges.

UKNA | Narcotics Anonymous in the UK

Who is NA for? 

  • NA is available to anyone struggling with drug addiction.
  • It’s recommended that you try several different meetings to find a group you feel comfortable in, as atmosphere and dynamics vary from group to group.
  • You do not have to have attended a drug rehab to attend neither do you have to be clean.

How effective is NA? 

Due to its anonymous format, there’s no definitive evidence on the effectiveness of NA. But it is widely attended by people around the world who credit it with saving their life.

Perhaps the best advice is to attend a local meeting and judge how helpful it is for you.

  1. Ask someone at NA to arrange a member to take you to your first meeting
  2. Try and arrive early
  3. Try and speak to someone
  4. Try and stay the whole meeting

Support Groups for Loved Ones

When you are in any type of relationship with an addicted person, your life is impacted too. Support groups are available specifically for loved ones of those in recovery. 

What they are:

  • Nar-Anon is a support group for partners and family members of those in Narcotics Anonymous. 
  • FamAnon is a support group for loved ones of those participating in any 12-Step programme. 
  • CoDA or Co-dependents Anonymous is for people struggling with co-dependency, a common theme in relationships involving drug addiction.
  • ALANON Are you one of the people affected by someone else’s drinking? Probably the most famous support for families of addicts and alcoholics.

How to choose a drug support group:

You can attend a NA meeting if your loved one is struggling and is not in a 12-Step treatment programme, but only when the meeting is listed as ‘open’. See here for NA meeting in your area.

If you attend an NA meeting and are unsure if it is open and closed, it is best to speak up and say why you are there and ask if that is OK with the group. It is unlikely that anyone would mind.

Most importantly, go where you feel most comfortable – you’ll likely need to attend several meetings before you find the group that best suits you. 

Private substance alcohol abuse help

If you are looking for effective and immediate drug addiction treatment, private residential rehab, more often than not, is the best course of action. More.

Free drug addiction support groups like NA are often used in conjunction with residential treatment to promote and encourage long-term sobriety.

Whilst some users may find NA enough help on its own, our evidence shows us that those suffering from severe drug addictions need more intensive forms of treatment like therapy and drug detox.

Here at Castle Craig, we offer all types of drug addiction support and therapies within our inpatient facility. This is so that we can provide patients with the best chance at achieving sustained abstinence.

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