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Private Drug Rehab vs Free Rehabs

Private vs Free Drug Rehab Treatment Options

Here at Castle Craig, we understand that not everyone can access immediate private treatment and need to call on the NHS to provide help.

We also comprehend that Castle Craig is not for everyone. So if you feel that we are not right for you, we are more than happy to recommend other UK treatment facilities that might best suit you.

Our goal is your recovery, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you with your sobriety.

We always encourage those in need of help, support or advice to give us a call. Not only can we assess your level of addiction, but be a helping hand when you need one.

Talk to us on 01721 722 763.

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Alcohol Rehab - how to get the support and help you need

Drug rehabilitation in the UK is available at the following price points

Free options

NHS  drug rehabs

Public NHS rehab services are free. NHS drug rehabs are often day services, with operations usually on weekdays only. In addition, there are NHS residential rehabs; however, places are allocated on the severity of addiction and the degree of life endangerment.

Current NHS rehab selection means that anyone in an NHS hospital might well be first on the list, leaving those in the community with a longer wait time.

Your GP or social worker can refer you to a local drug and alcohol team, who will provide an assessment and connect you to appropriate services. NHS drug addiction treatment usually entails a short outpatient programme, with regular appointments at a local clinic.

Treatment usually is for one hour a day. Find NHS drug treatment.

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There are certainly other factors you should also be aware of regarding the limitations of the NHS service.

For example, potential patients should not expect the level of care to be similar to private treatment centres. NHS inpatient rehabs often offer longer-term stays (sometimes up to 18 months). However, the facilities’ degree of care and quality is not always as good compared with the private sector. That does not in any way mean they are not exceptional NHS rehabs, just not many.

Most NHS drug rehabs will offer treatment within a community setting, often mixed with other substance abusers and often people with mental health issues. Usually, the focus is more on abstinence rather than other proven treatment methods.

For example, not all NHS rehabs support the 12 steps of Alcohol Anonymous.

While the NHS’s no-cost model is a lifeline for those who can’t afford inpatient treatment, waiting lists may be problematic for those with urgent concerns. Addicts with a dual diagnosis might well not receive adequate care or can be misdiagnosed.

All that being said, we do not doubt the NHS and know they work tirelessly to do everything they can.

However, budgets are often very tight and waiting lists very long as drug addiction throughout the UK gets longer, not shorter.

What’s more, few rehabs in the UK accept NHS referred patients. However, Castle Craig in Scotland is one of these rehabs, so it is possible to have your treatment with us funded via the NHS.

Ask us more.

Charity-run rehabs

These non-profit organisations may be donation-based, sponsored by religious organisations or funded by social businesses, employing programme participants.

These may follow faith-based models or have programming geared towards specific demographics.

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Private drug rehabs

Self-funding/insurance treatment centres

Some private drug rehabilitation facilities, like Castle Craig, will take health insurance, so it is possible to access treatment models this way.  

Recognised by multiple insurance providers, we are a hospital you can place your trust in.

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Benefits of going private

A private hospital offers higher-quality, personalised care and more experienced medical professionals like medical directors and psychiatrists. There are excellent doctors and psychiatrists on the NHS.

However, they are thinly stretched and have a much larger caseload than our staff have at Castle Craig. All of our medical staff have the luxury of time.

We have 18 doctors, nurses and psychiatrists with a further 14 therapists. As we can offer a more specialised intense service, our fees are slightly higher than similar rehabs.

We provide patients with better access to round-the-clock care and, for example, a separate detox facility.

We also have the flexibility to offer our patients extended stays. We provide an advanced programme for patients who would benefit from a more extended stay. Perhaps to strengthen relapse prevention skills, coping skills and life skills in a safe environment. See here.

There are various private facilities, which offer low-cost treatment models. We always recommend learning more about any rehab in which you intend to receive treatment.

How to check the quality of a drug rehab clinic you are considering:

  • Inspection reports (CQC or equivalent)
  • ISO accreditation
  • Verified outcomes (success rates of previous clients)
  • Medical staffing levels

Ultimately this is your life, and rehab can be a lifeline. So choosing the right facility will be one of the most important decisions you can make on your recovery journey.

Reasons to go private:

  • Immediate admissions
  • Flexible, adjustable and personal treatment plans outlined by a psychiatrist
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Round the clock medical care and supervision
  • Medical detox unit
  • Multiple treatments and therapies taking place on one site
  • Access to continuing support with peers and therapists you’ve built foundations with
  • Access to complementary therapies to boost mental health
  • Family accommodation
  • Flexible programmes with extended stay time
  • Aftercare programmes to promote your sobriety following your stay

Whatever you choose, choose to end addiction today. For help, call 01721 722 763.

    Asking for help is easier than you think

    Please contact me with more information about drug rehab.

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