What is Amphetamine Sulphate?

Amphetamine sulphate is the most simple and common form of amphetamine. It is a central nervous system stimulant, commonly sold on the street under the name “speed”, as a white or pinkish crystal powder. It increases focus, energy and alertness, accelerating body functions such as temperature, heart rate and breathing.

The Evekeo brand of amphetamine sulphate is a new prescription medicine brand, recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in September 2014. Evekeo are immediate-release, short-acting amphetamine sulfate tablets, similar to Adderall, but with different composition: Evekeo is 50% dextroamphetamine and 50% levoamphetamine, while Adderall is 75/25.

What is Evekeo prescribed for?

Evekeo is prescribed for treatment of narcolepsy to reduce daytime sleepiness; as an adjunct to psychological therapy in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and as a short term adjuvant in a weight reduction program to treat exogenous obesity.

Evekeo has a high potential for addiction if taken outside a medical prescription, particularly by people who don’t suffer from ADHD.

Evekeo Rehab Treatment

Evekeo Detox

Common side-effects of misusing Evekeo include: anger, irritability, numbness, blurred vision, headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain, loss of appetite and nausea, mood changes, sleep problems, weight loss, chest pains, trouble breathing, heart problems.

During Castle Craig’s detox programme for Evekeo addiction, we aim to ease withdrawal symptoms. Each patient is carefully assessed by our medical team and Consultant Psychiatrist, who establishes the proper Evekeo detox regime for each individual.

We take each patient’s medical history, Evekeo use history, as well as other psychological and biological factors into consideration when designing their personalised treatment plan.

Our medical staff are on site 24/7 and provide round-the-clock medical supervision during detox. We prefer a tapering detox method by slowly reducing the Evekeo intake over time, to help gradually diminish and manage Evekeo withdrawal.

Rehab Treatment for Evekeo Addiction

Following detox from amphetamine sulphate-based medication like Evekeo, our residential treatment programme examines the psychological root causes of addiction in each patient’s case.

We devise a personalised psychotherapy plan for Evekeo rehab treatment, which caters for the patient’s individual needs within a daily routine of individual and group psychotherapy sessionscomplementary therapies, educational lectures, regular meals and exercise, relapse prevention training and 12-step support groups.

Patients with a history of stimulant drug addiction often have untreated mental health issues (social anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, trauma, eating disorders) that need to be addressed in rehab treatment.

At Castle Craig, we have a specialised dual-diagnosis treatment programme where we treat both the Evekeo addiction and the co-occurring disorders, during psychotherapy sessions for depression, trauma (PTSD), eating disorders.

During therapy, we teach patients coping skills and healthy strategies to deal with addiction triggers when they return home and avoid relapse.

Upon discharge of Evekeo addiction treatment programme, we equip the patient with the tool for long-term recovery through a personalised, two-year continuing care plan. We provide ongoing support with our aftercare sessions on-site and teletherapy options.

We advise that our patients attend local 12-step NA support groups and we refer them back into the care of their doctor as well as recommend local addiction counsellors that can help them in recovery.

Get Help for Evekeo Misuse

If you or someone you know is dealing with Evekeo misuse or withdrawal symptoms from using other stimulant prescription drugs, we can help. We have over 30 years experience in treating addiction.

Contact us for personalised Evekeo addiction treatment.