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Success Rates

We have treated over 10,000 people through our treatment facility alone. We can confidently report that three-quarters of patients attained their goal of sobriety with us.

Castle Craig is a family-run rehab that has been offering evidence-based drug addiction programmes since 1998

We have treated thounsands of people through our treatment facility alone. We can confidently report that three-quarters of patients attained their goal of sobriety with us.

Our staff, facilities and therapeutic methods combined have formed the ideal addiction treatment programme within our spacious, tranquil grounds.

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Proven successful drug rehab; Castle Craig Scotland

People often wonder whether inpatient rehab is the right choice, if it will be worth it, or if it is just a waste of time and money. “Perhaps I can get better on my own?”

We like to invite potential patients considering drug addiction treatment to read our past patients’ stories and reviews to understand better what our drug addiction treatments can do.

I cannot describe the magic this place holds. It saved me from a place so much worse than death, it save me from the powers of alcoholism. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to have my way here, nothing but gratitude for CC xx – Jackie

We know that our therapies and treatments work because we carry out independent surveys to monitor the long-term sobriety of our past patients. 70% of which reported achieving long-term, sustained sobriety.

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How successful exactly is drug rehab?

The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse study shows success rates ranging from 50% better to 400% better for treatment that had a residential component.

Typically, our rehab often sees better outcomes than any other community-based drug addiction programme.

However, please be aware that not all drug residential rehab centres are the same.

According to the same study, the best hospitals see more than 60% of their residents overcome dependence and addiction, whilst those at the bottom of the scale struggle to enable 20% to overcome their addiction. 

  • Regulators have inspected Castle Craig to confirm that we provide “excellent” addiction services.

Our incredible, experienced medical staff and scientifically proven therapies have shown that Castle Craig can be very effective for patients wanting to wean themselves off drugs and learn how to remain clean.

What to look out for in rehab?

We always recommend looking at the Care Quality Commission and Health Improvement Scotland before choosing the place for you or your loved one, as staff, routines, facilities and programmes can all make a difference to effectiveness and outcomes. 

Castle Craig’s major successes

There is solid evidence to support the treatment methods used as part of our residential rehab treatment for drug addictions.

Combining academic research with lived experience and outcomes, our success rates and satisfaction rates are testimony to the compassionate and caring approach we take. 

Our evidence that it works

According to an independent survey, nearly three-quarters of those who attended treatment at Castle Craig were still abstinent from all drugs after a year.

Also, our nursing care, detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, staff support and family therapy were all rated good, very good, or excellent. 

Don’t just be part of any other statistic – be part of our successful ones.

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