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Drug Addiction Treatment Programme

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Treatment programme for drug addiction in rehab

Castle Craig utilises various evidence-based, proven to work therapies within our drug programme, which our patients are free to take advantage of.

With us, you are in control; of your treatment plan and your future. This is because we know that every patient has unique life experiences and circumstances that surround their drug addiction.

We believe that each individual needs to have a customised personal treatment plan, which will be developed and managed by a psychiatrist to ensure we provide therapies that will be most beneficial to your condition.

Schedule your free drug addiction assessment today and discover what treatment at Castle Craig will look like for you. 

See our Addiction Treatment Programme Summary.

Drug Rehabilitation Therapies

Castle Craig utilises cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based therapies.

The therapies we use, like CBT, are recognised as the most successful drug treatment approaches, which is used throughout the world.

As we are an inpatient facility, our patients can enjoy many different factors of our addiction programme, which involve individual counselling, group sessions, peer support and even family therapy once their physical condition permits it.

Drug addiction treatment usually involves some combination of the following therapies: 

One-to-one therapy

Everything discussed in private therapy sessions is confidential.

1-1  therapy takes place in private sessions between you and your therapist. This allows you to build a relationship with the therapist and benefit from focused personalised care.

This is extremely beneficial for patients exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, depression and even trauma alongside their drug dependency. Here, patients will learn how to cope and manage their co-occurring disorders to make them more resilient and abstinent against drug abuse.

What individual sessions achieve

  • Addressing deep-rooted personal issues like grief, abuse, trauma etc
  • Increases the motivation in the patient to achieve and sustain abstinence
  • Works on changing attitudes and behaviours that might lead to relapse
  • Provides a better insight and understanding into drug addiction
  • Addressing the impact that drug addiction can have on your life

Kane Duffy, one of our specialist therapists here at Castle Craig has been working in the drug addiction field for 10 years. Specialising in CBT, he uses his experience and knowledge to broaden your potential and overcome any barriers in your life that might prevent you from living the life you want and deserve.

Group therapy

Group therapy offers the emotional benefit of supporting one another in shared experiences.

Hearing others’ stories helps you understand that you’re not alone, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Group members listen, provide feedback, and hold each other accountable, and often form lasting friendships.  

Why group therapy helps:

  • Helps patients identify and discuss their self defeating behaviours and negative attitudes
  • Encourages the process of change through peer support
  • Helps to further confront and identify problems or certain situations that can lead to relapse
  • Further educates on drug-using behaviour and its consequences
  • Prepares patients for long-term abstinence
  • Encourages patients to learn from their peers, experiences and examples of others

Main therapeutic methods used in drug treatment at Castle Craig 

Some effective treatment modalities commonly used by drug addiction treatment professionals are: 

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – Proven effective and widely used for substance use disorders, CBT helps you identify negative thought patterns, change behaviours and build skills to manage cravings.  
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) – DBT teaches a set of skills designed to change addictive behaviour. This is based on four modules covering mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional regulation.
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation And Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) – EMDR works by using bilateral eye movements to affect the way your brain processes trauma. This technique is proven effective for substance abuse, as most addictions stem from some form of unresolved trauma. 

Other drug addiction treatment therapies include: 

  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Rational emotive behaviour therapy 
  • The Matrix Model
  • 12-Step facilitation
  • Family/couples therapy 
  • Experiential and complementary therapies

Alternative, holistic and complementary therapies 

To further improve your experience here at Castle Craig, we also offer wellness and mindfulness therapies to complement your 1-1 sessions.

Some of our therapists offer holistic therapies as an alternative or complement to more conventional treatment approaches. These may include: 

  • Mindfulness meditation 
  • Yoga 
  • Massage and bodywork 
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT) 
  • Art, music and other creative therapies 
  • Equine and pet-assisted therapy 
  • Adventure and eco-therapy 
  • Energy medicine 
  • Nutrition 

We’re not one size fits all

We use the proven and studied therapies that are widely used to treat drug addiction. These therapies are accessible across the world, in various facilities.

However, we find here at Castle Craig, it’s the staff and the combination of therapies that make all the difference. Here at Castle Craig, we only offer 5-week programmes because we know that detox can take up to a week or longer for some drug-addicted patients.

In conventional, traditional 28 day rehabs this means you have a smaller window to work on why you are struggling with drug addiction in the first place.

Castle Craig puts a huge focus on therapy because we know that it can create reliable, strong foundations to help you cope with whatever life throws at you after treatment.

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