Videos on Addiction Treatment

See our short videos on addiction treatment.

Our staff talk about the community of patients at Castle Craig, group therapy, the 12 steps and the importance of family therapy.

Glynis Read, Head of Training at Castle Craig, talks about emotional development and the “deep sense of peace” that people in recovery experience.

Tom Bruce, senior therapist at Castle Craig Hospital, says the disease of adddiction “is more powerful than the individual”.

Audrey Grant, a former therapist at Castle Craig describes the clinic’s therapeutic work with women.

Mark Abrami, one of our addictions therapists, describes how people in treatment are motivated by future educational and working opportunities.

A short presentation of the addiction treatment on offer at Castle Craig. This video was edited from the longer version which is available on the “Presentation Videos” page.

Gordon Hogg, Head Therapist at Castle Craig, describes how addiction can “destroy families.”

Phil Grant, an addiction therapist at Castle Craig, describes some of the reasons why people come into residential addiction treatment.

Maryam Ghaffari, a former therapist at Castle Craig, describes the transformation that can follow successful addiction treatment.

Linda Hill, our lead trauma therapist, gives a compelling overview of brain trauma and how it can be treated.

Welcome to Castle Craig’s Drum Circle! We have pioneered drumming therapy for addictions since 2003.

Castle Craig is Britain’s first addiction treatment clinic to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to all patients. This video gives a short introduction.

 Castle Craig Presentation Video

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