Professional Endorsements

Castle Craig is regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (formerly the Care Commission). During our last Care Commission inspection we were awarded grades of 6 “excellent” and 5 “very good” for all areas of care and quality that were assessed.

Following the inspection the consultant psychiatrist on the inspection team referred to Castle Craig as “a phenomenon of which Scotland should be proud”.

During the ISO Quality Standard inspection that followed the Care Commission inspection, the management of Castle Craig was described as ‘exemplary’.

  • “I was impressed and amazed by the quality of medicine being practised here.  It is a marvellous place.  A hugely impressive establishment from a clinical standpoint.” – Dr. Anton Borg,  GP.

Endorsements from our Professional Open Day

“So informative! You can feel the therapeutic environment as soon as you walk in the door. I now appreciate the connection and direct-link with detox and recovery and what an invaluable service is provided here.” – J Wood.

“I enjoyed the whole day at Castle Craig – the warm welcome and friendly approach. I enjoyed the talk about the treatment at Castle Craig and the stats on recovery. The tour of the facility was very interesting and the buildings and environment were a pleasure to see. Loved the drumming session and the positive atmosphere. Thank you.” – Pauline Green, Whiteinch Project.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day here at Castle Craig and I am very interested and enthusiastic about the work that is done here. It has been very informative and has spurred me on to pursue my own path into an animal-based therapy career.” – Sarah Morrison, East Community Addiction Team Glasgow.