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Castle Craig drug rehab: helping people in Liverpool for over 30 years.

Merseyside has a serious alcohol and drug problem and has had for years. Liverpool is known for being a party town and is also known for being one of the drug capitals of the UK. It has the dubious title of the drug abuse capital of England.

Many bathrooms in local clubs have cocaine strewn across the back of the toilet seats and at night fights regularly break out in the city centre due to alcohol fueled sessions. The city is not just home to the Beatles but also to gang wars and drug related offences. If you live in the Merseyside area you will have either seen first hand or heard about some type of trouble involving drugs, alcohol, and violence.

On top of drug and alcohol, other addictions are on the rise in Liverpool as well. Castle Craig is a residential rehabilitation clinic that treats alcoholism, addiction to drugs and prescription drugs. We also treat other behavioural addictions such as gambling & cryptocurrency addiction. If you or someone you know are in Liverpool and have an addiction problem we can help you.

Merseyside has seen a staggering jump in the number of people who died from drug abuse in recent years. Shockingly the numbers have almost doubled since 2014.

Driving past the large estates in the Wirral you may wonder what goes on behind closed doors in the wealthy part of town. It seems that certain parts of town are overindulging to the point of no return. The Wirral has seen a massive jump in drug use and deaths due to drug use.

No matter what you are addicted to if you have a problem and have recognised it as a problem you need to seek help as soon as possible. We treat whatever the addiction you suffer from as well as any associated mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This is known as dual-diagnosis. Set yourself free from addiction and find out if we have a treatment plan that can get you on the road to recovery and take back control of your life. We also have a chronic pain management programme to treat people with chronic pain who are addicted to opioid painkillers.


Get Help at Castle Craig

If you are seeking a drug or alcohol rehab near Liverpool, Castle Craig Hospital is your best option. We are able to provide proven, top rated medically supervised detoxification and a range of complementary therapies and aftercare. We also have standard group and individual counselling. The Castle Craig admissions team is available to address any enquiries you have about any of our alcohol, drug, and addiction treatment programmes or any other queries about our rehab facility. If you would like more information, please contact us at:

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AA Meetings: Liverpool

Here are some local AA meetings in Liverpool. More can be found on the Alcoholics Anonymous Liverpool page.

Tuesday and Sunday at 19:30
All Saints Church, L4 2QG

Friday, 19.30
St Francis of Assisi, 26 Earp St, Garston, L19 1RT

Saturday, 19.30
Emmanuel Church, Higher Lane, Fazakerley, L9 9DJ

NA Meetings: Liverpool

Surrender from the Heart
Sunday at 11:00
17 Rodney Street, L1 9EF

The Good Shepherd Church
Wednesday at 19:00
Carr Lane East, L11 4UJ

Al-Anon Meetings: Liverpool
Monday 19.30
Hunts Cross St Hilda’s Church Hall, 7 Kingsmead Dr, L25 0NG

Saturday, 12.15pm
West Derby St Mary’s Millennium Centre, Meadow Lane, L12 5EA

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