How Long Does Heroin Detox Take?

Individuals may experience withdrawal from heroin as soon as their most recent dose starts to wear off, but that is not an indication of the substance clearing from the body. Variation in clearance time from body tissue depends on individual variation, dose, the route of ingestion, purity of the heroin, and other factors.

Withdrawal from heroin or other opiates is generally among the more unpleasant withdrawal processes, but the primary symptoms are not considered life-threatening. Similar to withdrawal duration, the duration of detox may vary between individuals due to differences in overall health, use history, current use patterns and tolerance, and other medical and/or mental health consequences.

Opiate detox duration is not the same as withdrawal duration, however, as some post-acute withdrawal symptoms may last for months, long after the substance has been cleared from the body. Professional treatment during detox, acute withdrawal (immediate), and post-acute withdrawal (long-term) is an important part of recovery from heroin and opiate addiction.

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