Addiction and the Elderly

Drugs and the Over 65s

Rehab Treatment for the Over 65s

Many people over 65 find the change of lifestyle difficult to adjust to, be it retirement, family moving away, chronic pain, loss of mobility, bereavement. Some use alcohol, prescription drugs or gambling to cope.

Many older adults may not recognise the need for addiction rehab treatment, believing they are too old to change or not recognising that they have an alcohol or drug problem due to their more isolated lifestyles. This makes addiction intervention from their relatives vital.

It is never to late to get rehab treatment, stop addiction, and turn your life around. Senior patients at Castle Craig have found a new lease of life through sobriety.

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If you are concerned about an elderly loved one, or if you are a senior citizen having problems controlling your alcohol or drug intake, get in touch with Castle Craig’s admissions team for advice on intervention and treatment options. Early recognition and treatment can help reset the damage addiction has on your body. If you think someone you love has a drinking problem, contact us to get help.

30 Years of Treating Addictions

Castle Craig Rehab has over 30 years of experience in treating alcoholism, drugs and gambling addiction. Our integrated residential rehab programme starts with a personalised detox process and medical care. In parallel, patients attend the therapy programme, which is made up of specialist and complementary addiction therapies.

Find out more about our rehabilitation treatment programmepersonalised treatment plans, the comfortable facilities that Castle Craig offers and our beautiful countryside location.