Teens and Young Adults Drug Abuse

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction problems among teenagers and young people require specialised care. At Castle Craig we possess the experience and expertise to successfully approach substance misuse amongst the youth.

Our comprehensive drug addiction rehab programme for teenagers and young people includes consultant psychiatrist caredetox, medical treatment, individual psychotherapy and complementary therapies, family therapy and continuing care.

Therapeutic Community

Our rehab clinic is based in a 50 acre estate among the beautiful hills of the Scottish Borders, away from the distractions of every day life. Treatment takes place within a therapeutic community of patients, where peers support each other and personal responsibility is encouraged. A family atmosphere and positive peer influences help in the identification of feelings, problem solving and the process of change. This set-up particularly benefits young people in recovery.

Drug Rehab Treatment for Teenagers and Young People

Castle Craig has over 30 years of treating alcoholism and drug addiction in people of all ages. Our team of medical team and expert therapists treat each young patient as an individual and design a personalised treatment programme that fits their needs. We approach the addictions of teenagers and young adults in a caring and understanding way, enabling them to fight their addiction, become sober, acquire the skills to stay sober, and look towards building a bright future.

Whether you are the parent, friend or partner of a teen or young person dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism, sex or porn addiciton and eating disorders in adolescence; or if you yourself are experiencing addiction issues, this Help and Advice section is for you.

Contact us to speak to someone: our consultants are compassionate and skilled to answer any question. Your enquiry will be dealt with privately and confidentially.