Physical Disability and Addiction

Why are People with Physical Disabilities at Risk of Alcohol and Drug Problems?

Having a physical disability can be a very challenging experience. People living with disabilities may experience chronic pain in addition to a wide range of difficult emotional experiences, including anger, depression, anxiety, isolation, and frustration.

Anyone living with chronic pain is at a high risk for substance abuse and addiction, as drug using provides a short-term way of relieving or covering up these difficult feelings.

What are the Effects of Alcohol/Drug Addiction on Someone with Mobility Issues?

Some people with mobility issues might abuse alcohol or drugs to relieve the the stress and difficulty of living with a disability. However, the damage caused by alcohol and drug addiction will further impair their physical and mental health in the long-term.

What Facilities Does Castle Craig have to Assist Those with Disabilities?

Our treatment team understands the unique challenges that disabilities present in the lives of individuals with alcohol, drug, gambling or other addiction problems. We can accommodate physically disabled patients that require mobility assistance, although their needs must be assessed on an individual basis. 

Castle Craig has widespread wheelchair access, bathroom and shower facilities for those with mobility issues, a stair lift in the main building, lift access in our modern buildings, and other accommodations for individuals with physical disabilities who are seeking treatment.

Risk assessment is carried out to establish if we can provide appropriate care to patients with various disabilities/ mobility issues. We would try to accommodate needs of patients in our care, but it might not be possible in all cases.