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Chlordiazepoxide (Librium) Addiction

Our Librium rehab programme for chlordiazepoxide abuse & Librium withdrawal offers a specialised Librium detox & rehab therapy programme & expert medical care….

Diazepam and Valium Addiction Treatment

Our Valium rehab programme treats diazepam abuse & Valium addiction: diazepam (Valium) withdrawal detox is followed by residential rehab & 12-step therapy….

Salvia Addiction and Treatment

Facts about salvia divinorum hallucinogenic plant drug: effects of using salvia, health risks of using salvia and treatment at Castle Craig drug & alcohol rehab treatment centre. Salvia is sometimes promoted and sold as a legal cannabis substitute….

Synthetic Hallucinogens Addiction and Treatment

Get detox and drug rehab for synthetic hallucinogens addiction with the residential drug detox & rehab programme at Castle Craig. Mephedrone and bath salt addiction treatment. Our residential rehab clinic combines specialist medical care and individual therapy to treat synthetic hallucinogens addiction….

Ketamine Addiction & Treatment

Ketamine addiction, effects of ketamine abuse. Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic. Long term ketamine use can have serious health implications. Ketamine addiction is devastating for individuals and the people who care about them….

LSD Abuse and Treatment

LSD is a potent mood-changing and hallucinogenic substance. Read about LSD signs, health risks, effects, witdrawal symptoms & treatment at Castle Craig Rehab….

Anabolic Steroids Addiction

Recognise anabolic steroids signs of abuse, anabolic steroid withdrawal & health risks. Get specialised rehab treatment for drug abuse and anabolic steroid detox and psychotherapy at Castle Craig private treatment clinic….

Bath Salts Addiction

Bath salts addiction treatment & detox for bath salts withdrawal symptoms at Castle Craig rehab centre includes a specialised medical & therapeutic programme….

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders often co-exist with addiction to drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs. Both are illnesses which require intensive rehab and long-term therapy at a residential clinic. We offer joined-up medical and treatment and therapy for both addictions and eating disorders at Castle Craig residential rehab clinic, Edinburgh, London, Ireland….

Compulsive Overeating and Addiction

At Castle Craig we help patients recover from compulsive overeating through cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to complementary therapies like mindfulness meditation & specialised addiction coping skills….

Dual Diagnosis & Addiction

Residential rehab is the best treatment for dual diagnosis – addiction to alcohol, drugs & other mental health problems: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD….

Addiction Treatment

Castle Craig is an inpatient residential rehab clinic that treats alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction and gambling addiction…

Abstinence, Sobriety and Rehabilitation

Castle Craig rehab’s approach to addiction treatment is abstinence-based. Also known as sobriety this means completely giving up alcohol & chemical substances….

How to Get Back to Work After Addiction

Reentering the workforce after an alcohol or drug addiction problem can be difficult for people in recovery. Castle Craig Rehab offers specialised addiction treatment and continuing care planning….

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

We developed a specialised Alcohol Rehab residential treatment programme. Contact us for personalised alcohol rehab and alcohol detox programme….

Alcohol and Depression

Find out more about the relationship between alcoholism and depression and the specialised treatment programme at Castle Craig for patients with alcohol addiction and depression….

Alcohol Health Risks

Alcoholism, prolonged heavy drinking & binge drinking have a variety of adverse effects on the body. Read alcohol long-term health risks & side effects here….

Is my Alcohol Consumption Affecting my Family Life?

Alcoholism is a ‘family disease’. If you have an alcohol problem yourself or know an alcoholic family member, contact us for specialist addiction help. Early recognition & alcohol addiction treatment can reset the damage….

Treatment for Anxiety and Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Patients with a dual diagnosis of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and anxiety have complex needs and are therefore best treated in a residential rehab setting. We provide a complex detox & rehab therapy programme….

Why Choose Castle Craig?

Choosing the best rehab centre can be a difficult task, here are 12 reasons why you should choose Castle Craig’s alcohol & drug addiction rehab programme….

Experience Castle Craig

Since opening our doors in 1988, Castle Craig has treated over 10,000 patients from all over the world with an overall 98% satisfaction rate…