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Advanced Programme

When a patient moves from Foundation to Advanced treatment

Patients can stay for an extended period of time on our Advanced Treatment Programme 

This programme is extremely valuable for people who could benefit from a longer stay in rehab.

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As a length of treatment, we promote the 90 days Gold Standard, which is proven to be the threshold for significant improvement in long-term recovery.

This is particularly recommended for people with

  • A long history of addiction to drugs, alcohol or a behaviour
  • Those who are experiencing prolonged drug withdrawal especially from prescription drugs like benzodiazepines,
  • Those with Dual Diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder which can include:
    • Cross addictions or dependencies which need addressing
    • PTSD or CPTSD
    • Food/Eating disorders
    • Mood disorders, personality disorders or depression including bipolar
  • Chronic physical pain issues
  • Patients who want more time to strengthen their coping skills and life skills

 Strengthening the Foundations for a Long-Lasting Recovery

Our Advanced Treatment Programme helps patients to:

  • Strengthen the gains made in our 5-week Foundation care programme,
  • Receive further therapy to address complex issues
  • Develop and practise additional life skills
  • Consolidate relapse prevention skills


Our Advanced Treatment Programme is open to anyone who has been through our 5 week, Foundation Treatment. 

Castle Craigs’ Addiction Treatment Programmes

  • Foundation – 5-6 weeks
  • Advanced – + 6-12 weeks (or longer)
  • Continuing Care (Telehealth)

Example Advanced treatment day 28-35 day rehab

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