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Residential rehab expertise

Top residential rehab clinics have large multidisciplinary teams under one roof, who are well adept at dealing with a variety of problems:

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Teams include:

  • Psychiatrists focus on assessments, diagnostics, detox and prescribing
  • Nurses focus on medical care
  • On-call doctors are ready for medical emergencies
  • Therapy staff deal with various therapies from the 12 Steps, to CBT, MET and DBT and EMDR
  • Specialist therapists treat specific forms of addiction, trauma, grief, and eating disorders

The reason there are so many people with so many skills is that it’s important for treatment to be delivered by experts in their field, who have the experience and time to devote to dealing with the addiction, as well as any other physical or mental disorders which are playing a part in that addiction.

Addressing all of these issues together, through a complex support system is therefore key.

Searching for residential rehab means you and your loved ones are going through a difficult time right now. You may have tried many times to control your drinking, control the drugs, but started to realise that alcohol and drugs in fact control your lives.

You got to the point where you feel you have no choice but to get away from your home environment and get help from professionals who know how to help people like you.

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