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Disadvantages of rehab

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Downsides & Risks of Residential Rehab

How much does residential rehab cost?

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There’s no denying it – residential rehab is more expensive than community care. But so is the cost of addiction. We recognise cost can be a barrier, and so work with patients to access insurance and get funding from health providers like the NHS.

But, we truly care about the work we do, and about helping as many people as we can, and this is why our prices are considerably cheaper than comparable residential rehab clinics in the UK and the US.

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Not a silver bullet

Sometimes residential rehab is perceived as a silver bullet, particularly in the media.

But the most successful outcomes come when the patient is motivated and committed to living a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Our team of world-class psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and therapists do everything they can to support the individual and help as much as they can towards a successful outcome.

It’s a long journey and time at Castle Craig will be part of kickstarting long-lasting change.

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