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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programme

Treatment & therapies within an alcohol rehab

Here at Castle Craig, one of our biggest strengths is the fact that we work with highly experienced psychiatrists, therapists and doctors. This means that we are able to deliver a certain standard of care, which can be difficult to come by locally, if at all in the UK.

Our evidence-based treatments and therapies for alcoholism and dependency have seen a lot of success, with some patients even describing their time here at Castle Craig as “life-changing.”

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Alcohol Rehab Therapies

 We have treated and helped over 10,000 people suffering from alcohol and drug-related addictions. See understanding alcohol abuse.

Under the leadership of our exceptional Medical Director; Professor J. Chick, we have seen patient after patient reclaim their lives and begin to manage and overcome the mental health issues, which have severely contributed to their alcohol dependence.

Proven therapies our psychiatrists use:

Depending on any co-occurring conditions or dual diagnoses, the type of therapy prescribed may vary depending on what will be required to break you free from addiction.

Here at Castle Craig, we offer a wide range of therapies from experiential to complementary.

With a chain of round-the-clock therapists and psychiatrists, we are able to offer ranging and diverse treatments to target any dual diagnoses or underlying mental health conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Common therapies you might expect to see in treatment may include: 

  • Individual and group addictions counselling 
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Trauma and PTSD therapy
  • Couples therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Experiential therapies (art, creative writing, drumming, equine-assisted)
  • Complementary wellness therapies (acupuncture, aromatherapy, mindfulness meditation, massage, hyperbaric oxygen therapy)
  • Recovery and life skills coaching 
  • Relapse prevention
  • Addiction education 
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings 
  • Alcohol detox

Our evidence-based clinical methods are supported by a healthy diet, exercise and complementary wellness techniques.

One thing we are really proud of here at Castle Craig is the fact that our consultant psychiatrist; Professor Jonathan Chick gets to the real root cause of your addiction, which can uncover a diagnosis that could possibly save your life.

From here, we can tailor a therapeutic programme that aims to deliver the best chance for success when it comes to attaining sustainable recovery when you leave our facility.

How therapy works:

  • Patients will receive daily 1-1 sessions
  • Patients will be part of daily group therapy sessions
  • We have special groups available i.e. women-only groups

Therapy sessions can go on for as long as you need it, however, typically here at Castle Craig you can expect to receive four weeks of intensive, targeted therapy.

Outpatient alcohol rehab

If inpatient treatment isn’t an option for you right now, an alcohol rehab programme can also be adapted to an outpatient setting, for example, ProPathway, which combines 3-week short residential stays with 3 weeks of online therapy from home.

Many clients choose to attend outpatient rehab as a step-down when they’re ready to leave inpatient treatment but still need a high level of support for their sobriety.

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