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Low-cost Alcohol rehab solutions

A low cost rehab option

Pro pathway/low-cost rehab solutions

At Castle Craig, we have designed a new alcohol addiction programme, which allows our patients to undergo part-treatment at our excellent rehab in Scotland and then complete the remaining part of their therapy from home.

This alcohol addiction therapy programme has meant that we can help patients to detox safely from alcohol (up to one week), provide them with a medical diagnosis by a psychiatrist and integrate them into the beginnings of an intensive therapy programme.

To learn more about ProPathway talk to our admissions team on 01721 722 763.

3 weeks with us, 3 weeks at home

  • 12 steps & CBT
  • Abstinence-based approach
  • 3 weeks intensive therapy
  • 1-week detox
  • 2 weeks residential rehab (face-to-face therapy)

Here at Castle Craig, we offer patients who are unable to complete the full 5 weeks in our rehab facility a short-term inpatient stay combined with outpatient online therapy.

First, with us, you will begin your stay, which will involve evaluations and assessments carried out by a psychiatrist, who will be able to diagnose you correctly.

Following this, you will be entered into the first stages of treatment at our alcohol rehab.

Once your short-stay has come to an end, you will continue advanced therapy at home.

This approach ‘kick-starts’ alcohol rehab and allows for a more flexible approach to follow.

Low-cost, short-term residential stay option

Our ProPathway programme is particularly useful for those who have dependents (children or elderly parents or sick relatives) that they must look after at home, those who are unable to travel to our clinic in Scotland, or those who have a demanding job where they cannot take 4-5 weeks off.

It can also help patients keep their situations confidential.

The programme includes two or three weeks of residential detox and therapy, followed then by a further three weeks of online therapy at home.

Why it works

It was great to have a taste of a real recovery and then be able to carry on from home – I had the tools, I had some knowledge, and I could keep on working while being both supported by Castle Craig and my family and friends. – A patient on the PRO Pathway, Castle PRO Pathway.

The programme is suitable for:

  • People who might have recently relapsed
  • High-functioning alcoholics
  • Those with strong support systems and good home environments
  • Those who cannot take time from work

Propathway costs

From £12,000 for 6 weeks.

How to sign up

This programme does not work for everyone – it’s important to assess your level of alcohol addiction. We can do this for you for free with our alcohol addiction assessments, where we can also provide you with advice for your best next steps and where treatment will be most effective for you.

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If you need emergency mental health advice or medical support please call the NHS 24 helpline as soon as possible on 111. The advice is free and could save your life.

If you need advice on accessing rehab treatment for addictions, please call our 24-hour rehab helpline on 01721 728118 to arrange a free addiction assessment or click here for more information.

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