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Aftercare/Leaving Drug Rehab

If there's one thing we know here at Castle Craig, it's that the hard work does not end when you leave our castle grounds.

Post Drug Rehab Support

If there’s one thing we know here at Castle Craig, it’s that the hard work does not end when you leave our castle grounds.

Hopefully, after a five-week residential stay with us, you will feel revived and happier than you have in a long time.

This in turn can motivate you towards sustained recovery and abstinence – but as we know, recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong process.

But you don’t have to do it alone – our aftercare programmes mean that we’re here to support you throughout your journey.

Our aftercare programmes

Continuing care is a crucial component of long term drug rehabilitation. As drug addiction is considered a chronic illness, staying sober requires a consistent, lifelong practice of recovery. 

Our drug addiction programmes all contain an element of aftercare because our support for you will always be ongoing.

Castle Craig was one of the first hospital’s to offer online post-rehab aftercare. Read more about our successful Telehealth programme that offers continuing support when you need it from the comfort of your home. ProPathway is flexible and costs and therapy can be tailored to meet a person’s exact needs.

Free aftercare support we provide:

  • NA meetings (available at Castle Craig)
  • Other community and peer-support groups 
  • Annual alumni meetups

Over 7000 patients have recovered from the pain of addiction at Castle Craig

Aftercare is an integral part of our inpatient rehab program

Some residential rehabs offer continued individual and group therapy sessions, and connections to additional resources, after you complete treatment.

These may take place online, by phone, or at an outpatient treatment centre.

Alumni networks 

If you attend our drug rehab, you may also be able to stay in touch with other programme graduates via their alumni network. 

12-Step group meetings and sponsorship 

12-Step groups like AA and NA connect you to others in the recovery community. This is a crucial aspect of recovery, as supportive relationships are crucial for navigating the challenges of sobriety.  

Sober coaches and companions 

Sober coaches and companions can support you in growing your coping skills, help you stick to your recovery plan, and accompany you during travel or other situations in which you’re concerned about relapse.

Ongoing therapy 

Many people continue attending therapy sessions, either via their treatment centre or independently, to support their sobriety and continued personal growth.

Here at Castle Craig, we also offer continuing care programmes. Our most popular programme is Pro Pathway which offers 3 weeks at our residential facility, followed by 3 weeks at home.

Here, you get a taste of residential treatment and then continue your treatment at home through weekly online therapy sessions. This programme is good for those who cannot commit to a full 5-week rehab stay or those who have relapsed and need that extra support.

Sober living

Sober living provides a drug-free environment where those in recovery can live with sober peers and practice recovery-focused living.

This may serve as a transition from residential rehab, for those who are ready for more autonomy but still prefers a supported environment. 

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