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Excellent Inspection Results for Castle Craig Residential Rehab

Castle Craig Hospital underwent an inspection by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) on 21st and 22nd August 2017

This was an unannounced inspection, as part of a regular system of inspections that all healthcare institutions in Scotland are subject to, equivalent to the CQC in England. The inspection was extensive and the inspectors were rigorous in their scrutiny of compliance with our quality assurance systems and the standards set by HIS.

We are delighted to announce that the outcome of the inspection has again been a highly successful one. We scored grades of five 6s (Excellent) and five 5s (Very Good) in the areas inspected.

HIS have stated previously that they rarely award a grade of 6 ‘Excellent’.

Risk Management

Castle Craig was awarded Excellent in the risk management category with the report stating:

All patients had a comprehensive risk assessment on admission that looked at mental health, eating disorders, physical illness and any sensory impairments that may require additional support. A further intensive risk assessment (level 2) was carried out when patients were identified as being a higher risk of suicide or self-harm. Strategies were then put in place depending on the level of risk, such as psychiatric assessment and staff observations. We saw that risk assessments were well documented in the patient care records and were reviewed daily.

In the 2015 HIS inspection Castle Craig received grade 5 ‘Very Good’ for the category regarding medication management. It was not deemed necessary to inspect Castle Craig again in this category in 2017.

HIS commented on Castle Craig’s Risk Management procedures during the inspection:

“The whole system is based on risk, it’s inherent in everything. There is good governance, and a risk-based approach to patients is very clear. Contingency plans are all in place for buildings and environment.”

In our 2015 inspection, it was noted that:

“HIS are satisfied beyond doubt that staff are professional, trained and motivated, and are extremely content”.

Intertek ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance

For many years Castle Craig has had the Intertek ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system in place.

This is an internationally recognised accreditation for quality management and the world’s most established quality framework. Castle Craig is the only rehab clinic to have Intertek ISO 9001 accreditation covering all aspects of the service. It covers medical, nursing and administrative procedures, including management, training and supervision of staff, which are regularly updated in line with best practice and are subject to regular audit. In this way, we are continually improving our operations and management procedures.

In a recent Intertek ISO 9001 inspection in May 2017, it was stated that:

“The CEO, with the help of her highly motivated staff, continues to be the central driving force in the identification and management of risks in the hospital, all of which risks are invariably related to measures which are designed to provide an effective environment for the recovery and comfort of all patients receiving treatment at Castle Craig Hospital.”

High Standards in Residential Rehab

This excellent outcome is the result of a great team effort among the multidisciplinary team at Castle Craig and is evidence of the high standards and excellent treatment that Castle Craig is proud to offer those with addictions.

Castle Craig Hospital is the UK’s only fully medically managed rehab facility. We employ a 24/7 resident doctor, and an experienced 24/7 nursing and therapy team.  A team of experienced addiction psychiatrists, led by Professor Jonathan Chick, lead the detox and medical service.

The HIS report was published in October 2017 and can be found here.


Health Improvement Scotland

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