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What happens in residential rehab?

12 step recovery programme: the science behind why it works

What happens in Castle Craig’s residential rehab?

Residential rehab for alcohol and drug addiction offers an intensive and focused space where a person is supported by a team of experienced experts, away from their home environment, away from all the triggers and chaos.

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A stay at residential rehab gives you the chance to focus on yourself and receive joined-up, targeted care. It is proven to be more effective than solely community-based treatment plans.

It, therefore, has far higher favourable outcome rates than other interventions and has the best success rates for long term recovery.

At a residential rehab clinic, a patient can expect medical and psychiatric support, a detox programme, a structured routine, a team of professional therapists running individual and group therapies, holistic treatment such as fitness and massage, as well as complementary therapies such as equine or art therapy. Arriving and Settling in.

This means you can focus on the job at hand – to get well. It is an opportunity for intensive support to deal with all facets of addiction.

It is often the impetus that is needed to build a life of long-term recovery.

New patients receive a warm and caring welcome, both from staff and also from their peers

There is an overriding optimism at Castle Craig that recovery is possible.

On arrival patients receive a Welcome Pack which contains:

  • An overview of the programme,
  • Guidelines and procedures,
  • Details of visiting times,
  • Some written assessments.

Following the medical assessment, patients meet with a senior therapist who explains the treatment approach and answers any questions the patient has.

New patients are assigned a ‘mentor’ from among their peers who will show them around and introduce them to the rest of the community.


A choice of bedrooms are available and all afford comfort, privacy and assist recovery.  

The treatment experience can be helped by a shared room environment facilitating mutual support. We offer shared bedroom accommodation which are often en-suite rooms, although a couple have adjoining bathroom facilities. There are 2 – 4 beds in these single-sex bedrooms. 

The rooms are large and offer personal space, storage space and often stunning views across the countryside.  Single en-suite rooms are also available based on assessed need.

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