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Addiction recovery near the Scottish Highlands

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol, drug or a behavioural addiction and wish to seek help?

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Do you live in the Highlands and what to know how to access private treatment? 

What help is available for people in the North of Scotland?

We have been treating people with addiction – from across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland – for over 30 years. We know seeking recovery can be a very difficult and upsetting time for you, which is why we do our utmost to ensure you receive the help you need. You can call our admissions team on 01721 728118 and tell them you need help. We will take care of the rest.

How we can help

We offer patients a range of therapies and evidence-based addiction treatments that have been proven to succeed. Have a read of our reviews and see how many patients we’ve helped overcome their addiction. 

Thousands of people from all over the UK, and the world, have turned to Castle Craig for our quality treatment, extensive services, expertly delivered therapies and dedicated family support.

No single treatment type is right for everyone.

Castle Craig

If you live in the Scottish Highlands there may feel like very little in the way of addiction help and support for drugs and alcohol, but so long as you can travel, you can get help. 

“Nestled into the beautiful southeastern Scottish Borders, Castle Craig in Peeblesshire is a quintessential private residential rehab that saves hundreds of lives every year.”

You or a loved one can recover from addiction

We’re close and easy to find
We are the closest addiction treatment centre for most Scots. Castle Craig is the leading Scottish independent rehab situated a few hours’ travel from the Highlands.

We’re safe and secure
Set within 50 acres of private land, Castle Craig offers a relaxed, peaceful environment where patients can heal and focus on learning the tools required to free themselves from addiction. We are fully registered with the HIS and are a registered addiction hospital.

Read more about us.

We’re highly experienced
With a much larger number of nurses, doctors and therapists than most rehabs, we have the scope and experience that spans over three decades.  

Meet our team.

Getting to Castle Craig from The Highlands

Our address: Blyth Bridge, West Linton EH46 7DH. There are multiple ways you can choose to get to our rehab in Southern Scotland, they include: 

  • Car: From Aviemore we are less than a 3-hour drive down the A9, while we’re just over 3 hours’ drive from Fort William and Inverness.  Get directions.
  • Train: If you get a train or plane to Edinburgh, we can collect you from there. Check trains here. We can collect from stations and airports.

If you need any assistance travelling to our facility, please get in touch with us on 01721 722 763 to see how we can help.  We can often help with transport and know that this can be a difficult time for you and the family.

First things first, assessment

A 30-minute confidential phone assessment takes place, which enables us to find out more about you and your addiction so that we can ensure you’re provided with the correct level of care. This is the first step to finding treatment, but there is no obligation whatsoever, as there is no diagnosis at this stage. 

We understand that the first step towards asking for help can be difficult.

That’s why here at Castle Craig our free addiction assessments are carried out by experienced, addiction specialists that are compassionate and empathetic. Many of our admission team have experienced addiction either personally or within their family, so there’s no need to worry about speaking with them.

Click here or telephone 01721 728 118 to arrange your first assessment. 

Available by telephone or by Skype, we are here to listen and support 18+ individuals wanting to access our hospital’s addiction services. 

  • At a time that’s convenient for you
  • Can be done on evenings or weekends
  • 30 minutes speaking with a member of our admissions team 
  • No obligation and completely free of charge
  • Completely confidential

During this initial session, we will also begin to devise the foundation of what your treatment plan could look like.

If you decide to attend Castle Craig this call can be followed up with a consultation with a psychiatrist, who will be able to assess and action the best course of treatment to help you get better.

What we treat

Here at Castle Craig, you can rest assured that we’ve seen and treated many different and unique cases of addiction. Our expertise lies in treating addiction alongside co-occurring disorders and dual diagnoses such as trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, shame and relationship problems.

Get help with:

Call 01721 728 118.

It’s harder on your own, but easier with the right help

Alcoholism and drug use is an illness. If you are alcohol or drug dependent you may require the help of fully trained medical help that can help you detox and recover safely.

There is no need to be apprehensive about in-patient rehabilitation, it is one of the best and most successful ways that patients can overcome their addiction and break free from the cycle for good. Our aim at Castle Craig is long term sobriety.

Alcohol rehab

Whilst everyone who visits Castle Craig has their own story, we often find that those struggling with alcohol abuse often all experience underlying feelings of depression, anxiety and trauma.  That’s why we have carefully selected approaches that combine proven and evidence-based therapies with holistic treatments, that help patients recover at their own pace.

These include:

How do we know it works? Our residential addiction treatment programmes successfully address alcohol and drug dependency, and have helped over 10,000 men and women regain control of their lives, with many calling our treatment “life-saving.”

Drug rehab

Our drug rehab in Blyth Bridge has provided our patients with the tools they needed to break the cycle of addiction. Whether they’re using prescription or illicit drugs, we treat the problem safely and with the minimum of discomfort. With over 30 years of experience in medically managed drug detoxifications, we have helped many patients give up and stay drug-free.

Drug addictions we treat:

Call our 24-hour helpline now on 01721 728118.

Behavioural addictions rehab

As you might know, addiction takes on many forms. Behavioural addictions such as eating disorders, shopping, the internet, porn and sex are all compulsive behaviours that can lead to addiction.

Get help with:


The cost of private, in-patient care can vary greatly across the UK. This is because some rehabs are not hospitals, they do not have doctors and nurses nor do they have psychiatrists.

We would like to warn patients that lower costing “cheap rehabs” may not appear to be all that they seem. We would advise always researching the facility, ensuring they have good rating standards through the CQC or the Scottish equivalent; Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).

Ways to fund rehab:

  • Insurance
  • Self-funded
  • NHS Scotland referrals

Speak to our admissions team for more help on 01721 728 118.

Benefits of choosing a private rehab include:

  • There are likely to be better resources
  • Direct access to medical staff
  • More flexibility in the choice of your treatment methods
  • No waiting lists, more 1-1 time with a therapist

Free support resources for addiction and dependency in Scotland

Not only is Castle Craig likely to be your closest rehab and addiction support facility, but we are also one of the best and largest recovery clinics. Those in the Scottish Highlands looking for free support and help can choose to give Castle Craig a call (01721 722 763 or visit the below helplines for further advice.

Alternative addiction resources for the Highlands

 NHS Inform: Where to get help.

It is our advice that friends and family try their best not to take matters into their own hands. We understand that while your loved one needs help, you should rely completely on the medical services available, who better understand this problem and can help you manage it correctly.  

For more general information about addiction or rehab visit Executive Rehab Guide: UK Rehab Comparison Guide.

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