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Fortnite and Gaming Addiction

A dystopian world and a world-wide broadcasted death match. One hundred players stranded on an island; only one will survive. This is not the plot of the latest Hunger Games movie – this is Fortnite. Capturing the minds of children across the world….

The Celebration Effect

We typically think of negative events as the biggest threat to recovery.Even seemingly minor challenges can pile up and feel like too much to bear. We less often think of good events as a threat to sobriety, but they are sometimes just as dangerous. Learn more here now….

Why Optimism is Important in Recovery

Most people don’t go into recovery feeling optimistic. Most people just feel like life couldn’t get much worse and they have to change something. That’s more like desperation than optimism. Depression has many facets, one of which is the inability to imagine a better future….

How to Break Bad Habits in Recovery

Everyone has some bad habits. When you’re in recovery, some of those habits will work against you. Maybe you still smoke, or you don’t get enough sleep, or you spend too much time on Facebook, or you still spend time with people who drink…

Why Empathy Matters in Recovery

Empathy is an important quality to cultivate in recovery. It doesn’t get as much attention as some other qualities like humility, perseverance, patience, honesty, and optimism, but it’s just as important. Here’s how your recovery will benefit by learning to be more empathetic….

Drug addiction

How to Weather a Crisis During Recovery

There are some problems, however, that deal you a severe blow. It could be a divorce, a death in the family, or being fired. Events like these are huge for anyone, whether or not addiction has been an issue. How do you keep a crisis from ruining your recovery?…

Addiction Runs in Families

If you are struggling with addiction, you likely have a close relative who does too. It may be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling. It may be a child or grandchild. There are many reasons that addiction tends to run in families. Click here to learn more….

Relationship therapy

One step in a 12 Step programs is to make amends with those you have wronged when using drugs or alcohol. 1.2 million people are affected by drug abuse in their families. With a lot of trust and honesty, it is possible for relationships to be mended during recovery. Click here to learn more now….

The Negative Impacts of Social Media Addiction

Mental health can be impacted due to low self-esteem as well as looking at everyone’s lives on social media. It will make you not want to have real social interactions if you can say one thing to hundreds of people in one click. Your minds occupied in viewing photos, liking posts, and commenting….

Self-Harm and Addiction

Some people let out their anxiety and frustration by locking themselves in their room or crying. Others develop an addiction to self-harm where you deliberately and intentionally hurt yourself with no intent of suicide. Click here to learn more….

Sugar Linked with Addiction Hospital

Addiction can occur in the most unlikely places such as in the food we eat. According to nutrition expert Dr. Mark Hyman, sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine and the brain produces the same high levels of dopamine. Click here to learn more….

Why Do Addicts Refuse Help and How to Help Them

When you see someone who is struggling with addiction, you wish that you can just force that person to go to a treatment facility. We cannot force someone to get help unless we see an overdose. t is important to take small actions to prevent scaring your loved one away and to let them know you are there for them….