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The Effects of Parental Addiction on Children

Children are very sensitive to the behavior of their parents at young, impressionable stages of development and the effects of parental addiction on children can cause long term mental health issues and make them prone to addiction….

ADD as a Dual Diagnosis with Addiction

Very often substance abuse coincides with other mental health issues which must be treated if the patient is to achieve long term sobriety. Conditions like ADD often receive a dual diagnosis with addiction….

Is MDMA Addictive?

MDMA is the primary ingredient in the street drug ecstasy which is popular in clubs and rave culture, but based on its feel good, party-oriented properties, many are left to wonder is MDMA addictive?…

Is Being Labeled an Addict a Punishment?

In recovery, we try to avoid misrepresentations and negative stereotypes in regards to those struggling with addiction, but old terms still linger. Is being labeled an addict a punishment or an insult in any way?…

Prayer in 12 Step Recovery

A relationship with a Higher Power is an important aspect of the Twelve Step addiction treatment programme. Mic Hunter provides some insight for the 12 Step counsellor as well as for people in recovery….

Living with an Addict

Addiction affects the family, friends and relationships of the alcoholic or substance user. Read Rose’s personal story of living with a cannabis addict. Alexandria Barley, Specialist Addiction Therapist comments….